PA trainer Davidovich hopes to race 10 YO pregnant mare

The Esther Marr reports that “Pennsylvania-based owner-trainer Andrew Davidovich’s mare Violet Eyed Diva, who is 2 1/2 months pregnant to his farm stallion Draft Age (by Storm Cat), was entered in a July 1 claiming race at Presque Isle Downs & Casino but then scratched by stewards.”

Marr opens her article with:

It’s safe to say it’s very unusual for a 10-year-old pregnant Thoroughbred mare that hasn’t raced in seven years to return to training.

Yes, it is unusual, but not unheard of, and pregnant mares have raced and competed in other sporting events in the early months of their pregnancies. However, this typically occurs with younger mares who have not been off the track for seven years like Violet Eyed Diva.

However, “Davidovich breezed Violet Eyed Diva at Mountaineer Casino, Racetrack & Resort in West Virginia and was pleased with the results.”

The statements that stood out in the article are “Pennsylvania state steward Hap D’Angelis told Davidovich Violet Eyed Diva would be scratched due to the length of time since she had last raced. D’Angelis initially told Davidovich he could work the mare in front of the stewards, but then changed his mind,” and “D’Angelis told him that allowing Violet Eyed Diva to race at Presque Isle would stir up ‘bad publicity,’ and that he should pursue racing her at Mountaineer instead.”

Not sure what that implies about Mountaineer.

“If there’s no decision made in three or four weeks, I might as well give up on the idea, because there’s no way I’m going to race her when she’s four or five months pregnant,” said Davidovich, who noted he wouldn’t race his mare on dirt at Mountaineer. He said he wants to race Violet Eyed Diva, who had excelled on turf during her career, on Presque Isle’s synthetic surface.”

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Davidovich is looking to run Violet Eyed Diva in a claiming race. Most horses racing in the US run in claiming races. This means they are for sale each time they run. Baby makes two. -Ed.

6 thoughts on “PA trainer Davidovich hopes to race 10 YO pregnant mare”

  1. Horse racing has always be known to be The Sport of Kings, Yes we know who the Kings are The Horses of course !!!! Men like this one spoiled the Sport !!! Horses love to run, and they are very competitive, they love just being with each other, Horse Racing needs to make lots of changes, first one is a data base at every track , so the horses can be followed at all times, this single thing would help emensely……………..They should not waste a minute installing this data base………………………………


  2. I read elsewhere that this trainer might be trying to play on the sympathy of the rescue community hoping that someone will swoop down and rescue her from his idiocy for an inflated price.
    This guy should be banned. Who knows what other stupid stuff he’s done over the years.


  3. What an idiot! I hope the pregnant mare is rescued from this moron. If he wants to race then he can get his sorry rearend out on the track and run it himself.


  4. I know The Lady who runs Mountaineer Race Track Rosemary Williams knowingly would never allow that !!!!! She is most passionate about horses and their welfare, she implemented and has every trainer and owner sign that no horse that races at her track ever leaves in the back of a slaughter van, and if they do the trainer and owner will never be able to race a horse at Mountaineer Race Track……………….. This man will get get what he deserves if he tries that with her………………………… This man has obiviously lost his marbles, you never run a pregnant mare, what in the he** is wrong with him?????


    1. Why run her in a claimer? (most races in US are claimers the reason….?) Why run her in a claimer on a dirt or synthetic track when she ‘excelled’ on turf? No many claiming races (if any) on turf? I know most of my racing experience is English, but still. Someone enlighten me.


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