Updated: Foals dies as BLM resumes Nevada wild horse roundup

UPDATE: Horsetalk reports

The water danger became apparent last Tuesday in a flyover of the area by the bureau contractor. Two large groups of wild horses in the Owyhee area were identified. The Dry Creek group consists of about 125 wild horses and the Star Ridge group has about 400 animals.

The Star Ridge group is located around a dry reservoir and has made no attempt to move to the nearest water source about 15km away at the South Fork Owyhee River.

The bureau installed six water troughs with a combined capacity of 3000 gallons near and around a reservoir located within 400 to 800 metres of the horses within the Star Ridge pasture, and used a water tanker to fill the troughs and the reservoir.

The bureau said it had hauled 12,000 gallons of water to the North Owyhee horses, yet only 15 or so had drunk, based on tracks in the mud.

The bureau said it would continue to take in water in the hope the animals would drink.

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So, now that drought is an issue because of the deaths and lawsuit, the BLM are taking water out to the horses. Not that I’m complaining. Looks like the BLM are under pressure to somehow support their misinformation. -Ed.

The Associated Press reports:

RENO, Nev. (Jul. 17, 2010) — (AP) Federal land managers say about 150 more wild horses suffering from dehydration have been gathered in Nevada after a judge allowed a controversial roundup of the animals to resume.

U.S. Bureau of Land Management spokesman Doran Sanchez says the roundup in northern Elko County resumed shortly after U.S. District Judge Larry Hicks on Friday rescinded a temporary restraining order.

He says 54 mustangs were gathered Friday afternoon and another 107 horses were rounded up this morning. He says all of the animals have had to be treated for severe dehydration and water starvation.

A foal suffering from a lack of water was euthanized today, making it the 13th mustang to die of such a cause since the roundup began a week ago. Another horse was euthanized after breaking a leg.

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Read correct and updated report here by Martin Griffith >>


This is more misinformation from the government via its rogue agency Bureau of Land Management responsible for managing free roaming wild horses and burros on public lands.

The article implies the horses were suffering from dehydration before the roundup, because that is the fiction they fed to Judge Hicks to allow the roundup to resume.

Why would you knowingly run horses and foals for 8-10 miles who are allegedly dehydrated? Why would you not make water drops for them, and resume the roundup when it was safer for the horses to do so? -Ed.

9 thoughts on “Updated: Foals dies as BLM resumes Nevada wild horse roundup”

  1. Kristen uses perfect sense, We must change this cruelty ! The animals are our hope, we should be observing them, not destroying them…………………


  2. What a shame!
    It must be horrible to be a living, feeling animal so scared running for one’s life!
    It’s whole world turned upside down for reasons that are not understood. Sounds like Al Kaida to me somehow – You? You know when these round ups first started, I called a fellow in Elko, who was a rancher-like fellow. He said these horses are “trash”. Sound familar somehow? Hatred is a ugly, ugly thing!
    I was scared for my life once when I was a teenager when someone held a gun to my head. The fear is horrible! I feel for these horses: leaders, mothers, babies and all running, running and running and not knowing where to go for safety.
    What a shame! We humans have no regard. It will be our demise if we don’t change.
    My God, we must change. God did not cause these things to happen. He’s sadly watching.


  3. What we need is Methods to stop the BLM, are there any????? We have tried our President who turns a deaf ear, we have tried bob abbey all he can think about is how to get rid of them doesnt matter how, we have tried the courts the judges are all paid off to step aside…. now the question is where or what do we do next??????


  4. How do these people sleep with themselves at nite……………………………………. Is everyone paid of including a Federal Judge???? This is tragic, we must find someone in government that has the power to stop the BLM , or does the BLM completey run this country???? We need to know why the BLM is completely inmune to all attempts to stop them…………………………………


  5. I have personally be involved and around the wild horses of Northern Calif. and Nev for 30 years. Not once have I seen remains of dead horses around a dried up water hole. The horses have survived many years in these conditions, why now all of a sudden they are in dire need of water so badly, that they must be run up to 10 miles from a damned helicopter…where is the compassion your people..do you have any. If we treated our own horses like this, we would go to jail for animal cruelty….


  6. The BLM does not care about the horses & neither does the judge. The BLM needs to be stopped. i would love to have the BLM employees ran for 8-10 miles without water and see how they fare.


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