Horse death toll rises to six in Calgary Stampede

Cross-posted excerpts from Digital Journal


CALGARY, Canada (Jul. 17, 2010) — With the deaths of two other horses this past week, the Calgary Stampede has now had six horses die during activities, nearly rivalling 2005’s high death toll when 9 horses died in a tragic plunge over a bridge.

With a midway ride accident that happened on Friday night, 2010 is looking like one of the worst on record for the Calgary Stampede in terms of animal deaths and human injuries.

Six [horses] have died in the week-long event which ends Sunday. After four horses died between Sunday and Monday, animal rights activists were more vocal than ever, saying the deaths were sadly inevitable. But the activism, which gained new life with the two latest horse deaths, appears to be pulling the cowboy community together. The Toronto Star quoted activist Lisa Shaw:

“We’re told we’re weak-kneed vegetarians and they try to reflect the reality which is cruelty to the animals. We’re told again and again they love their animals but they cannot answer why they continue to throw them in harm’s way by having them compete for entertainment.”

On Friday, some cowboys along with a group of wives held pink signs that said “We love animals and rodeo” in a show of support for the Stampede reported the Calgary Herald. The Herald spoke with some unnamed rodeo veterans who said the big cash prizes offered to winners of the Stampede events — worth a total of $2 million — put a certain pressure on competitors to win. Read full report >>


The activist is named, but rodeo veterans are “some unnamed. . . .” Pink signs? Oh, rodeo wives. -Ed.

1 thought on “Horse death toll rises to six in Calgary Stampede”

  1. Animal cruelty and greed. It is all about the huge payoff. The horses are innocent victims. BOYCOTT the Calgary Stampede & Canada.


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