Horse Charities launches Hattingdon Horses™ on Zazzle

Hattingdon Horses™
L to R: Savannah, Jenny, Fleur, Chrissie, Aspen and Jackie Hattingdon

Fund for Horses Charities (“Horse Charities”) launches Hattingdon Horses™ on Zazzle.

Hattingdon Horses™ is the brainchild of Horse Charities founder, Vivian Grant, who created the hatted cartoon horses to generate funding through merchandising.

Hattingdon Horses™ are usually brown (there are a few grays too) with black accents including long, lovely lashes on large, wide eyes.

Each Hattingdon wears a one-of-a-kind hat with co-ordinating noseband, and identified individually by name.

There are more than 50 designs available, with more on the way.

“I started designing cartoon horses in 2008, but they needed refining. I have Hattingdon the way I want her now. All I have to do is design the hats,” says Grant.

Design hats she does, at a prolific rate. Does she have a favorite?

Rudy Hattingdon by Vivian Grant
Rudy Hattingdon

“That is difficult. I recently created a new Hattingdon for Christmas inspired by a certain red-nosed reindeer, antlers and all. I suppose I would have to pick her, but I love them all,” she says.

Hattingdon Horses™ can be purchased on a wide variety of high quality apparel and other fun products from the Horse Charities Zazzle Shop.

Fund for Horses Charities is a 501(c)(3) non-profit horse protection corporation, and a sister organization to Int’l Fund for Horses . Learn more about Horse Charities here.

7 thoughts on “Horse Charities launches Hattingdon Horses™ on Zazzle”

  1. i think they are great…and one of them has the same name as my daughters horse.Savannah…so i guess i will just have to get her something for christmas!!! good luck with them…they are so cute!!


  2. Oh, Vivian!! They are great!
    Curtis is my favorite (lovin’ the attitude & the earring) and Glory & Jacey are tied.
    Couldn’t pick a favorite out of the rest, they are all adorable!
    Absolutely Brilliant!


    1. Oh, Lisa, I am so glad you like them. Curtis (H. Daddy) is the very first one I created. We are putting a Facebook page together, and will be having competitions and stuff, so hope you will join us there. Will let you know when we are ready to rock n’ roll with that.


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