Return to Freedom wins control of 8 wild Calico stallions

Pioneering approach seeks to re-establish family bands shattered in BLM roundup

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Mature Calico Stallions. Image by Laura Leigh.
Commander and General. Two mature Calico Stallions bought by Return to Freedom through BLM online adoption auction. Image by Laura Leigh. Click to enlarge.

Eight wild stallions captured this year in a Bureau of Land Management roundup in Nevada’s Calico Mountains have been rescued by Return to Freedom’s American Wild Horse Sanctuary near Lompoc, CA.

Return to Freedom placed the winning bids for the horses in an online BLM auction this week, said Neda DeMayo, founder and CEO.

“These elder stallions represent leadership and wisdom for the Calico herds,” said DeMayo. “These noble horses, once free on the range and now held captive, symbolize the tragedy of the federal wild horse program.”

Return to Freedom will try to reunite the stallions with their mares and restore, if possible, some of the family bands that were destroyed in the BLM helicopter stampede, she said.

“This rescue is a gesture of restitution for what has been taken from these horses and an affirmation of our commitment to fundamental change in the BLM wild horse program,” DeMayo said.

Read full article with more fantastic images of these magnificent icons of American spirit >>

4 thoughts on “Return to Freedom wins control of 8 wild Calico stallions”

  1. Thank you Return to Freedom. God Bless you for saving these wonderful stallions. You have save a very significant gene line for the Wild Horses.


  2. Those are some incredible pictures all right! Laura Leigh has some pictures on her site too. I don’t see how ANYONE can look at these pictures and continue to believe that horses don’t have “emotions” and don’t have deep family and friendship ties. If they continue to sell horses so short, it’s because they don’t WANT to believe how intelligent horses really are.

    Anyone who has ever owned a horse – not as a means to an end, but as a personal friend whom they loved and respected – can tell many stories that prove horses are NOT just “dumb” animals. Of course, that goes for many other animals too!


    1. I agree morganlvr. I would add that the divide between man and animal is small. They want to live, raise their families, communicate with one another (and us if we are lucky), fear injury and death, and flee danger. Being thrown out of their homes, robbed of their freedom and everything they have known their whole lives is just as bewildering and catastrophic for them as it would be for a human family. People say they are inferior because they do not consider their pasts or their futures. That is because, of course, they live in the moment. How often do the self-helpers advise humans to do the same.


  3. I am speechless and overwhelmed with happiness for the Calico Stallions rescued from the BLM>>, Thank You Return to Freedom…………….


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