UK newspaper owner saves Anapka the Russian parasailing donkey

Cross-posted from Gawker

Rupert Murdoch-owned tabloid newspaper The Sun this week bought the Russian parasailing donkey, Anapka, after video of the animal hit the internet, upsetting many of its readers. “Our readers were deeply moved,” correspondent Garry O’Shea told the AP.

Anapka last month was strapped into a parachute and launched off a beach in southern Russia as part of an advertising stunt for an adventure sports company. It didn’t go as planned. Anapka is 17-years-old and will be moved to Britain soon, and her owners are weighing options for a home. Read more >>


3 thoughts on “UK newspaper owner saves Anapka the Russian parasailing donkey”

  1. This is just plain criminal cruelty. The poor little donkey was scared out of her wits. Two years in jail isn’t enough punishment for this unconsionable act of cruelty. They should be put out of business and sent to some very remote, cold prison where they will have no contact with animals or humans and lots of psychological therapy. Utterly stupid, horrendous, there just aren’t enough words to describe how truely ugly this is.


    1. Nobody can say it better than you just did. I hope this little donkey spends the rest of her days in peace and comfort. Poor baby deserves nothing less.


  2. Whoever thought a 17 year old donkey would like being launched and sailed above the ground? I cannot think of any one, person or animal, who would not be frightened out of their wits by an experience like that…unless doing it by their own choice. How do you ask a donkey “would you like to be strapped in, launched and hang and move above the ground for a while?


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