Racehorse Tuscan Evening dies while training at Del Mar

Cross-posted from the San Franciso Chronicle


Tuscan Evening, one of trainer Jerry Hollendorfer’s star performers with wins in all six of her starts this year in graded stakes events, died Sunday morning of an apparent heart attack after a workout at Del Mar.

“It’s been very difficult for us to deal with this today,” Hollendorfer said when reached by cell phone. “The barn is pretty devastated. The hard thing for me is that she was on her way to proving she was one of the very best. She got to prove some of what she can do, but we thought she was really blossoming.”

When the incident happened, Hollendorfer was on his way to Del Mar after running Skipshot in the West Virginia Derby on Saturday. Hollendorfer’s assistant, Dan Ward, works with the Southern California division of the stable.

“She had a good workout today and was coming back to the barn and Dan said she just fell,” Hollendorfer said. “We won’t know (the official cause of death) until a full autopsy.”

Such a procedure for horses is called a necropsy, and one was scheduled for Tuscan Evening at a laboratory in San Bernardino that is affiliated with UC Davis.

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2010/08/08/SP1B1ER34O.DTL#ixzz0wE8vtrlY

The article does not mention what the heat index was that day. One has to wonder why owners and trainers that train and run their horses in extreme temperatures put them at such risk. -Ed.

12 thoughts on “Racehorse Tuscan Evening dies while training at Del Mar”

  1. Seems like lately there have been a few heart attacks in race horses……. We all know stuff happens in the extreme heat…….. and we also know sometimes it just happens…no apparent reason…… An once of prevention is worth a pound of cure……………………..


  2. OK…just for my own curiosity I looked up the weather for August 9, 2010, the day the poor mare had the heart attack. I am not taking sides, just interersted, and yes I like horse racing but unfortunately there is much to be said (all negative) as to the way it is managed in today’s time.

    Max temperature that day was 20 deg C = 68 deg F
    Min temperature was 16 deg C = 61 deg F

    Max humidity was 78%
    Min humidity was 59%

    Make of it what you will.


  3. i HAVE TOOK THE TIME ! I have been going to horse races since 5 years old.. I live right by a race track, i go every morning to see them work out. !!!! Morning is not the problem at the track its other things, I love horse racing and in general I also believe the Horses love it , they are great competitors they literally love to win, its a fact … They are disappointed when they lose , John Henry was dragged from the winners circle once , after a race he lost , he thought he was the winner went directly to the winners circle………………… Horse Racing needs reform in this way, all athletes need preventive precautions before entering the field , and so do horses……..A whip need never be used , they never used one on Barbaro and several other famous race horses, and record shows they won because they were the best and the fastest in said race????? What a testimonial ,i rest my case………………………. They should only be administered drugs as a medication if they are in need, then there is no reason to Race them till they are fit……………You wouldnt expect an athlete to participate in any sport games unless he was fit ! Why in the heck would you expect a sore horse to run ??????? heres another fact ….a loved, a well cared for , well fed , well exercised, well trained horse will always run better and win…………………………….. I am a Horse racing fan !!


  4. If any of you took the time to understand any part of horse-racing before condeming both the owners and the trainers! Racehorses are worked out in the early hours of the morning thereby avoiding any extreme temperatures. Del Mar is generally very cool at this time of the day. Please, don’t judge until you have the proof to do so!


  5. Cause of death is working this poor horse in extremes of temps., drugs and mostly carelessness of the trainers and the owners for allowing it. This is another example of why horse racing should be banned.


  6. Yes !!!! Horses like people are put into harms way with extreme temperature, If the Racing Commission had any sense they would commission a rule that temperatures above a certain temperature , all Racing Postponed !! But the Extreme greed would never allow that…………………… So knowing that , there should be precautions taken……. One of them being every horse that exits the track after the race passes through an arched spray of water…. This would help emmensley ….


    1. My guess is it wasn’t that hot in So Cal where Del Mar is, but it could have been. There have been heatwaves across the US. Rachel Alexandra’s connections ran her in a reported 103 degree heat, and then disappointed she didn’t win by as much as predicted. That about sums it up, doesn’t it?


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