Wild Burros of AZ Black Mountains on CBS

Wild Burros Captured by the BLM
Wild Burros are disappearing and under as a great a threat by the BLM as the Mustangs. Photographer unknown.

Written by CARL MROZEK

Just a quick invitation to watch wild burros that I filmed in the Black Mts. of Arizona, one of their few remaining refuges in the US.

Two to three decades ago there were thousands scattered across the badlands of the West and Southwest. Today, there may be less than a thousand left in this vast landscape as they have been removed from our public rangelands (mostly by the BLM) to make room for ever more cattle and to favor game animals like mountain sheep and deer which share parts of their original range. They’re almost gone from areas where they abounded just several years ago including Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas.

I hope you managed to catch them this Sunday on CBS Sunday Morning, starting 5 minutes from the end of the show (about 10:25 am in many Eastern markets).

You can also watch it on CBS News Sunday Morning.

If you do catch it there, please register to leave a comment. It may help persuade CBS to let me produce a news report for them regarding why our wild burros are disappearing so rapidly.

You can also connect with CBS via Facebook and Twitter to log in.

Thanks and happy trails!

Carl M

2 thoughts on “Wild Burros of AZ Black Mountains on CBS”

  1. These awesome legends of the west Belong to America they are a huge part of its beauty and splender, just a glimpse of them in the wild proves to the mind and body you are so very alive and so very Free they will set your heart to beat in a special warm way….. , they are also music and poetry in motion….. The Thought of losing even one of these innocent Symbols of Freedom is devastating………………… The Mustang is a legend and a mystery of such a grand nature , we cannot allow greed to destroy them…………………They have so much to give to us…………..and to teach us ………………………… We cannot allow them to disappear from us, they belong Free………..


  2. They are so beautiful, healthy, alert and peaceful. Have reqested that CBS investigate why these deadly round-ups and penning in this bad economy when few of us can afford to adopt one!


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