Evidence of BLM cruelty and terror pours in regarding Twin Peaks wild horse roundup

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One wild horse was shot and two hundred and eighty-two others were corralled into captivity by ruthless helicopters during the first two days of the Twin Peaks roundup near Susanville, California, where the BLM intends to scour 2000 mustangs who have been roaming healthy and free on over 656,000 acres in their assigned Herd Management Area (HMA) and put them behind bars.

With a straight face, the BLM says that this amount of land can only support 450 horses. It wants to preserve most of the forage for 3700 privately owned cattle and 10,000 privately owned sheep.

The horses do not go gently to their imprisonment, and they pay a terrible price for their fight to stay free. According to onsite observers, many of the Twin Peaks horses have already been seriously injured, maimed, and in all likelihood, scarred for life, from the rigors of the relentless stampede into the grips of the traps that wait to lock them in.

After witnessing the carnage during yesterday’s roundup, wild horse advocate Simone Netherlands protested the horses’ merciless treatment on her Facebook page:

“BLM was absolutely horrid today. Ran horses for hours and hours, small babies, gave them no break, harassed them in the corrals, whipped and flagged them, speeded down the bumpy roads with trailers full of horses, horses down, horses hurt.

Will give Advocates no access to the babies and mares at all. . .

It was a horrible roundup today, cruel and horrible.”

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5 thoughts on “Evidence of BLM cruelty and terror pours in regarding Twin Peaks wild horse roundup”

  1. I have been and will continue to bombard every official with the totally horrific things the BLM is getting away with, i am so sick and tired of these people Torturing the most beautiful creatures in the world…………………… A bunch of murdering lunatics………. Is there not one official in America that will stand up and fight for them??????


  2. May I suggest that right now, while you [yes, ALL of you] are upset and mad and sad about the treatment of the Mustangs and Burros during the Twin Peaks BLM roundup, that you each write your own “form letter” and email it to every BLM representative [these email addresses are on the BLM website-“contacts”] and to friends and family and to your local media and to your local veternarian and to your local 4H leaders and to interested celebrities [Willie Nelson, Bo Derek, Sheryl Crowe etc.]and to your congressmen and senators and to your governor and to the Dept. of Agriculture and Dept. of Interior and the President. Make your letter short, intellegent, serious and to the point but make it clear that you strongly disagree with the BLM’s shameful and illegal activities. Now is the time to speak up – not only to other advocates but to anyone who NEEDS to know. Please.


    1. I agree GG. We need to inform all people, not just horse advocates, of what is happening with the BLM round-ups. As much as we, as advocates, demand answers and follow up, we are only a handful of people in a population of 350 million. Moreover, your suggestion for letter style and content is right on the mark; short, succinct and without hysterical or overly accusatory comments.


  3. Apart from the overall ‘wrongness’ of these round ups…the lack of scientific data, the allocations made and decisions to favour cattle and sheep…there is a simpler issue…is what they are doing cruel and inhumane treatment of horses and burros?? I do believe it is under the law..and these people should be prosecuted for it. This may be ‘legally sanctioned cruelty’ because the Act may or may not allow round ups..but it is cruelty just the same…horses are terrified, harrassed, traumatized, injured, maimed, killed…families are torn apart which is more mental cruelty..they are confined and trucked and treated, not like the special, sentient creatures that they are…but like…..well,……cattle…….and if that expression isn’t ironic (cattle should never be treated cruelly either)…ranchers and businessmen get the land for their cattle and sheep at the expense of horses lives. I know where the horse and burro advocates are, i know where concerned citizens are…but where is the law??? where is the Federal Government??? Why are they silent on such appalling treatment of thousands of creatures who epitomize the freedom your country is famous for, who are a part of American history, a living part…if someone were doing horrible things to historical buildings, paintings or documents…would the law stand by? would the Government stay silent? Oh, and by the way, in case you hadn’t heard, I know where the BLM is…they are on Facebook, trying to clean up their image……


  4. Dear Jesus Christ!!! SOMETHING HAD BETTER BE DONE TO SAVE OUR PRECIOUS HORSES AND BURROS!! The BLM…the FEDS…seem to have supremacy over ALL LAWS, ALL JUDGES RULINGS, the FEDS will continue to do what they damn well please. And now I think they’re PURPOSELY torturing the babies, roping them and dragging them till they’re all broken up, then shooting them, JUST TO GET AT US ADVOCATES! But are the low-life perverted Cattoors federal government? Or are they just wasted sperm the BLM contracts to do the dirty work for them? Because if thats all they are, THEN THERE SHOULD BE NO REASON WHY THEY CAN’T BE BROUGHT UP ON GROSS ANIMAL KILLING AND CRUELTY CHARGES! GOD knows they are guilty, WE ALL KNOW THEY ARE GUILTY, we have excellent eye- witnesses and testamonials and statements from REAL LISCENSED VETERINARIANS!!!!!!….and we have the photographs. So why the Hell can’t we go after the Cattoors? You know they are such low-life cheap insignificant people, they aren’t going to go down without trying to bring down the BLM with them. Maybe we can get something happening thru the back door like this. BUT WE HAVE TO THINK OF SOMETHING QUICK!! WE ARE THE ONLY PEOPLE OUR HERDS SEEM TO HAVE.


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