Verdict is in: Pfizer fails, horses lose, bad news all around

“Imagine being charged with a crime, but an imaginary friend takes the rap for you. That is essentially what happened when Pfizer, the world’s largest pharmaceutical company, was caught illegally marketing Bextra, a painkiller that was taken off the market in 2005 because of safety concerns . . . . But when it came to prosecuting Pfizer for its fraudulent marketing, the pharmaceutical giant had a trump card: Just as the giant banks on Wall Street were deemed too big to fail, Pfizer was considered too big to nail . . . . So Pfizer and the feds cut a deal. Instead of charging Pfizer with a crime, prosecutors would charge a Pfizer subsidiary, Pharmacia & Upjohn Co. Inc . . . . The CNN Special Investigation found that the subsidiary is nothing more than a shell company whose only function is to plead guilty.

Did the punishment fit the crime? Pfizer says yes. It paid nearly $1.2 billion in a criminal fine for Bextra, the largest fine the federal government has ever collected. It paid a billion dollars more to settle a batch of civil suits — although it denied wrongdoing — on allegations that it illegally promoted 12 other drugs. In all, Pfizer lost the equivalent of three months’ profit. It maintained its ability to do business with the federal government.”


And if that’s not enough, here is an appallingly disturbing example of their compassion towards the human race; children, no less.

“Drug company Pfizer reached an out-of-court settlement, rumoured to be worth US$75 million, following the deaths of several Nigerian children used as human guineau pigs in an illegal drugs trial. Pfizer took advantage of people’s fear and ignorance, during a meningitis epidemic, to persuade them to take part in their evil scheme.

The Nazis did the same sort of thing on Jews. I don’t think the comparison is hysterical or inappropriate. Pfizer treated African children in a way they would never, ever have dared to treat American children – they decided that the Africans weren’t as human or as important. Which is how the Nazis viewed the Jews.”


Pfizer, the ultimate scum of Big Pharma.; behemoth of the drug world, seeking to control all access to health and to limit the use of healing practices that they do not control. Ostensible exploitation of power, covert links with the FDA and US government, wholly an entity empty of trust, empathy and conscience.

But I digress. What about the fate of the mares and foals of the PMU farming industry?

We already know that they support Wyeth’s ghost writing efforts to eclipse the risks and factual evidence of the WHI study with respect to synthetic HRT manufactured from conjugated equine estrogens. We know they ardently fight the court battles they have inherited with claims that the innocents, victims of cancer, are imprudent in their allegations. We also know that they are staging a ruse with the closures of the PMU farms in North America. Who do they think they are kidding? There is evidence that they are attempting to reposition the PMU industry in foreign countries where horse slaughter and human consumption of horse meat is deemed acceptable.

Their strategy is indeed sinister, yet undeniably it will be successful. Moving the location of PMU farms will not prevent the marketing and sale of equine-based HRT in North America, it will simply remove the stigma associated with it; out of mind, out of sight. Moreover, based on the urgency of Pfizer’s requirement to replace lost and inevitable decreasing profits by substituting projected gains from the HRT market in the disguised form of the pioneering osteoporosis drug Aprela®, there is no doubt they will continue the exploitation of the PMU mares and foals that Wyeth has prospered on for decades.

3 thoughts on “Verdict is in: Pfizer fails, horses lose, bad news all around”

  1. Also, when I went through menopause about 13 years ago, I used soy products (nothing else) for the symptoms. Worked great for me. I have wrinkles, but what of it? I’m not trying to make it in Hollywood!


  2. Thanks Vivian. Not good things to hear, but the public needs to be made aware of them none-the-less. If the PMU mare and foal debacle expands as “Big Pharm” intends, I sure hope people, especially Americans, will demand the adoption program be reinstituted. Allot of foals were saved from slaughter when the drug manufacturers were going full-bore, and mares as well when the Canadian ranches downsized.

    Several of my friends have PMU foals that came here before the adoption program was discontinued, and they’ve turned out to be wonderful companions. Even the mares that came have done pretty well, although some may never totally trust humans because of their abuse on the “pee lines”.


  3. Cant help but wonder why it is always bad news for the Horses, Dont these people have any brains at all??????? The stinkin rats receive better treatment…….. These people better get and use their brains before it is to late….. not just for the horses but for us……. The horses are the key to our future !!!! Why dont these people see that??????They should be studied they are a world of knowledge in every aspect , they can help us in many wonderful ways, so many it would take hours to explain……………… What they have already did for us throughout history should be enough,……. My God are they dense or what ????????? What is the problem?????? All they can see is dollar signs$$$$$$$$ Survival is not about money……… Its about Peace for the soul !!!!!!!


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