Verdict is in: Pfizer fails, horses lose, bad news all around

The motive behind all of this becomes crystal clear when you consider the most recent Women’s Health Therapeutics, Analysis and Market Forecasts to 2016.

“Sep 01, 2010 – GBI Research’s report, “Women’s Health Therapeutics Market to 2016 – High Unmet Need will Drive the Uptake of Novel Drugs in Menopause and Osteoporosis”, provides in-depth analysis of unmet needs, drivers and barriers that impact the global women’s health market. The report analyzes the markets for women’s health in the US, the top five countries in Europe (the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain) and Japan.”


Undeniably this indicates substantial profits to be had if Aprela®, a combination HRT-osteo drug, is approved in Europe, Japan and North America. What’s more is that they have free reign to charge what the market will bear and no doubt this will be sufficient enough to exceed the current profit levels given that they will market Aprela® as a revolutionary novel drug. Accordingly it is the same old, same old scenario; rather than convey the genius creativity they allege to possess, it seems Pfizer is simply using archaic tactics that have worked so well in the past. In any case, they need to recoup all the money they have invested in the research; people or animals obviously don’t make their short list.

It still boggles the mind that the Feds and Pfizer persist in turning a blind eye to the continued use of known carcinogens while it is recognized there are safer and more humane alternatives available. Perhaps the following will lend insight as to their motive, courtesy of Pfizer’s CEO, Jeffrey Kindler. Of course, in this case, the hidden agenda backfired.

“Pfizer’s Mr. Kindler is a case study in the hitch-and-hope mentality—a CEO who became the motivating force behind Big Pharma’s $80 billion “deal” on reform, and industry support of ObamaCare.

Pfizer also aggressively shifted political giving. According to, in the 2006 campaign cycle it gave 33% of its money to Democrats. In the 2008 cycle, 52%. In the 2010 cycle so far, 61%. (The company says it has budgeted 55% for Democrats and the 61% is a misleading snapshot.) In 2009 Pfizer became the fourth largest federal lobbyist, spending nearly $25 million. The year before it hadn’t even made the top 20.

With these gestures, Mr. Kindler surely believed Democrats would treat his industry gently. The strategy: The industry would pledge $80 billion to reform. In return it would get greater volume and a requirement that people buy brand-name drugs. Democrats would also fight against drug reimportation and forgo price controls.

Critics warned the legislation would lead to a government takeover and price controls. They warned Democrats would take the money and double-cross them. None of it fazed the industry, right up until ObamaCare imploded.

Mr. Kindler and Co. are left with the ashes. Having got this far (with Big Pharma’s help), Democrats are more desperate than ever to pass “something.” It won’t include any upside for drug companies. There is talk instead of “popular” stand-alone legislation, including reimportation, Medicare price controls, and slashing the industry’s 12-year exclusivity on biologics.”

Bottom line: Rather than fight on principle, Pfizer decided to cut ObamaCare deals … and is now left holding the bag. Talk about getting what you deserve!”


Greed: the spur of industry, yet dearth of honor.

3 thoughts on “Verdict is in: Pfizer fails, horses lose, bad news all around”

  1. Also, when I went through menopause about 13 years ago, I used soy products (nothing else) for the symptoms. Worked great for me. I have wrinkles, but what of it? I’m not trying to make it in Hollywood!


  2. Thanks Vivian. Not good things to hear, but the public needs to be made aware of them none-the-less. If the PMU mare and foal debacle expands as “Big Pharm” intends, I sure hope people, especially Americans, will demand the adoption program be reinstituted. Allot of foals were saved from slaughter when the drug manufacturers were going full-bore, and mares as well when the Canadian ranches downsized.

    Several of my friends have PMU foals that came here before the adoption program was discontinued, and they’ve turned out to be wonderful companions. Even the mares that came have done pretty well, although some may never totally trust humans because of their abuse on the “pee lines”.


  3. Cant help but wonder why it is always bad news for the Horses, Dont these people have any brains at all??????? The stinkin rats receive better treatment…….. These people better get and use their brains before it is to late….. not just for the horses but for us……. The horses are the key to our future !!!! Why dont these people see that??????They should be studied they are a world of knowledge in every aspect , they can help us in many wonderful ways, so many it would take hours to explain……………… What they have already did for us throughout history should be enough,……. My God are they dense or what ????????? What is the problem?????? All they can see is dollar signs$$$$$$$$ Survival is not about money……… Its about Peace for the soul !!!!!!!


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