Investigation sought into allegation BLM sent Nevada wild horses to sale for slaughter

Written by FRANK X. MULLEN JR | Reno Gazette Journal

NEVADA (Sept. 11, 2010) — Wild horse advocates are asking the federal government to investigate allegations that the Bureau of Land Management sent 172 Nevada mustangs to an auction attended by “slaughter buyers” in July.

The horses were rounded up by the BLM in the Pilot Creek Valley area near Wendover and auctioned off in Fallon on July 10. By law, federally-protected horses can’t be sold for slaughter, but the agency says the horses sent to the auction were abandoned domestic horses or their offspring, not federally-protected mustangs.

Such “estray” or “feral” horses aren’t covered by the 1971 law that protects established herds of free-roaming mustangs. Federally-protected wild horses can’t be legally sold for food, but estrays can be sold for eventual slaughter in Mexico or Canada, where firms provide horse meat for human and animal consumption.

Horse burger, France
Horse burger, France

“I’m disgusted the BLM did what it did with these horses,” said Jill Starr, president of Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue. Starr bought 169 of the horses at the auction. Six have been adopted and the remainder will be offered for adoption or released in a sanctuary, she said.

“It doesn’t take a biologist to know that these are not ranch horses gone wild,” Starr said. “The BLM just called them estrays to take away their protection… If it wasn’t for the people who donated (to Lifesavers) those horses would be burgers in Europe by now.” Read full story >>

18 thoughts on “Investigation sought into allegation BLM sent Nevada wild horses to sale for slaughter”

  1. Download Horses need our voices and send it to all your congress people , send it to Obama also to the BLM they all need to hear it loud and clear , lets let them know that we will not stand for any more murdering BLM tactics no mater what they want to call them, so we need to get busy and send and call until they cannot stand it anymore and release Our innocent from any crime the Wild Mustangs from there prison………………………….. and imprison the real GUILTY ONES……We all know who they are …………………………


  2. Lets not waste words , Lets use them to the advantage of Our Wild Mustangs , the only issue here that matters to all………………………..join forces and use it on saving The Mustangs………………………………….. We need to focus , on this and only this…………………Please !!!!!!!! We cannot waste anymore time on this type of thing………….Our Heritage is at stake here !!!!!!!! JOIN UP NOW for them !!!!!!!


  3. My point is to hire a Prosecutor.Any lawyer can Prosecute but the real point is to find one that was a former Assistant U. S. Attorney General, Chief federal prosecutor, one that has a 100% win record with a taste in his mouth against the federal government and yes I have one already on pay roll. Thanks to Bill Clinton/Janet Reno they threw him under the bus and tried to run over him but thank God he had morals, convictions and ethics. Now he is in court everyday against the very assholes he hired in most cases and they have a healthy respect for him. If you going to go against the BLM get someone who knows there conspiracy tactics. Again I have that. I’m sure he would take on another client.

    When you run with dogs that have rabies its better to have another antidote.


      1. I have already, catch up with the real world, I’m not the newcomer here. David sleuth Golieth by himself with out public interference, so wait. The USAG is on the prowl. You could be next, I like all the cloak and dagger names. You people are funny.


          1. welcome funny man, since you don’t know I speak into my computer and spell check is the weirdest of all, if it sounds like i said it it prints it. I’ll do better and have you do the voice recognition for me but since your problaly new at it, it recognize either of us with words that aren’t common.

            At least you got the point. BooBoo the bear.


          1. sorry i mispelled you, YEW people need to focus on getting congress to change the laws so that BLM can not hide behind the congressional issue that whb act is controlling how they rid of wild horses. This isn’t personal especially on Vivians page, the work has to be focused and everytime a new person comes along they ask last weeks or last years questions and then starts last years war all over and the BLM knows these tactics. It’s called the Delphi technique. They use it like water.

            Focus on the meat not the potatoes. Woody, BooBoo, Yogi Bear, Daffy and the rest of you (yew).

            You want to pass up the opportunity to nail these congressmen/women before they get into office then do it, get it on tape, video but make them state as part of there job they will protect our legacy our heritage our wild horses, demand it because if you don’t then what the hell are you sending new blood into Washington for? The same ole same ole trash. If you do then yew (you) deserve what you get.

            Change is what we tax payers want not the polticians want.

            Don’t listen to what there saying listen to what there not saying… this is AMERICA, our land, our nation and under ONE GOD.


  4. what is this , and what does this mean????? OUR MUSTANGS ARE GETTING THEIR SANCTUARY AND HAVE THE BLM’S SUPPORT!!!

    Over the past three days, I have been to meetings in Sacramento and again in Washington, DC. I’ve met with BLM Director, Bob Abbey, Deputy Director, Mike Pool, along with the Wild Horse and Burro team. The BLM has officially agreed to support going forward with the development of the wild horse Eco- sanctuary for the horses in holding! Also in DC, I met with Congressman, Jim Moran, who had already given his blessing, but is submitting legislation to members of Congress on behalf of these wild mustangs. We are so thankful to him and his staff for their efforts on the wild horse and burro issue. All the meetings were fabulous and we could not be happier about the news!

    This final acceptance by the BLM this week was the hurdle we had yet to get over. We are so thankful for the opportunity to start our Pilot Program with 1,000 horses, and we aim to get all 36,000+ horses in holding soon after. This action by the BLM shows great leadership on the part of Bob Abbey and Mike Pool for taking a stand for our beautiful mustangs and accepting the solution we have offered. Saving America’s Mustangs gives our sincerest thanks for the monumental cooperation on the part of the BLM for an alternative to the holding pens.

    This is a truly a dream come true and I’m thrilled to share this news with all of you!! Let the rejoicing begin!!

    Click here to watch the second SAM Cam update on 9/16/10.

    Very Sincerely,

    Madeleine Pickens and the (*cheering) Mustangs

    *On a less excited note, 175 wild horses are to be sold to killer buyers in Nevada Sat, Sept. 18. Lifesavers Horse Rescue is taking a huge risk in trying to save as many horses as they can tomorrow. If anyone can help, please visit Lifesaver’s web site –

    Follow Madeleine on Twitter:
    Become Madeleine Pickens’ Friend on Facebook:
    Visit her website for up to the minute information:
    Saving America’s Mustangs’ Fan Page:!/pages/Madeleine-Pickens-Wild-Horse-Sanctuary/163062350007?ref=sgm


    1. what this means is simple. October 08 at the emergency summit pickens came in and stated she could save the world, not.

      Don Glenn, BLM told her that if she wanted wild horses and get paid she would have to “bid” on a long term contract just like the rest of the boys do, no exeptions.

      She found land once and was shot down, and now she found more and secured it with a contract and then she most likely put her bid in for holding wild horses.

      Listen to what she says, a train track in the acreage, easy to ship wild horses out without anyone seeing them to who knows where, she will be getting paid by the BLM to hold these and she even agreed to genocide these wild horses our legacy by agreeing to geld the stallions and IUD the mares or sme typr of contraceptive. This is like owning an old folks home then, ship them in and wait for them to die just like medicare does.

      Genocide our legacy our heritage! Hell if she was half as smart as she thinks she is she would market the young ones as part of heritage and place them into homes and use the money to help offset. Instead she has agreed to allow the BLM to control her game, numbers of wild horses she can have and what to do with them and then pay her with out tax dollars. Again just another welfare rancher but this has a kicker she will somehow have the water rights which is okay but I bet a dollar that TBoone ends up taking water off the place and selling it to Colrado or other places.

      She only wants the wild horses so that she can get land to use for water rights, windgens and now get paid by us tax payers to for profit at the expense of our land, our legacy and our money.

      Hell everyone should do this, at lease the wild horses won’t be dog food but when they die their is no coming back, their gone forever.

      Wild Horse deserve to be on open lands and open spaces and not geocide.

      I’m not tree hugger but I know a murderer when I smell one. These are doomed. Not saved. Another zoo.


  5. Their needs to be an Agency That actually Protects our Wild Mustangs from all Harm. We must establish this……….. the Mustang has been dedicated to helping us throughout history he was a wonderful Gift brought here by the Spaniards ever since they came they have aided us in every way they could, never have they ever not assisted us in our Quests, once we teach them anything they never forget…………………their contributions to settling the West are priceless, for that we are indebted to them , for all there services we owe them big time , not to even mention the Beauty they bestow on us, the pure innocent power they have is a Phenomenon, we can never repay them……………………We can only kept them safe that is our purpose and our appreciation…………………..


  6. Jill and her donors were saints to save this round of wild horses but the BLM will keep trying to rid the wild horses by claiming feral or estray. These idiots need to look up the terms, one is turn out domestic turn out and the other is a known domestic gotten loose. The BLM knows neither.

    Times are tough but people still don’t turn out there horses as the others would have you think. I’ve witnessed people turning out there horses right in front of our foundation, broad daylite and we were watching them. But they were caught later because they should have thought about there actions.

    There is nothing sane about the BLM. Ignorance at its finest. Look one way to make this work is to give contact your senators or congressman.

    Senator John Cornyn of Texas sent us back a generic form response, We will look into this matter. Senator Cornyn as Texas Attomry General authorize the slaughter of all horses in our state’s two slaughter houses while Govenor Rick Perry authoirze a $5.00 fee per slaughtered horse to go to Texas A&M claiming research funds. Somebody want to explain to me how you research a slaughtered horse, Rick Perry?

    Go to your congressman or state representatives and senators and point blank ask them to support the wild horse protection and if they say, domething stupid, like, I’ll give it my best or I’ll look in to it and see how I can help. These are lame dumbbutt remarks if they make a committment then slam them against the wall publicly and let the voters know that your congressman, representative or senators are backing the anilation of wild horses with the BLM.

    I’ve been in this long enough to know that in order to get it done you have to knock them off that post, commonly called a “post turtle” meaning they don’t know how they got up there, they don’t how to move around, there not sure how to get down unless you knock him on his ass.

    If the BLM thinks we don’t have enough DNA to determine these are in fact wild horses then they better get a good lawyer. For years the BLM has sent us dozens of wild horses off the two areas mentioned and I have the DNA from these over the years to cross match. Once more a federal judge can order DNA samples from the wild horses already in holding. Either way the BLM got caught again lying, cheating and breaking the law. Now all that has to be done is find a federal prosecutor to take the case, good luck. Best bet is to hire a Prosecutor and take it from there.


    1. THAT seems to be the hard part, Ray. Finding a federal judge who HAS THE BALLS to do WHAT HE KNOWS IS RIGHT, and that is finding the BLM guilty of ALL CHARGES, and NOW even ATTEMPTED MURDER!! We have great GREAT attorneys who work literally 24 hours sometimes on our lawsuits on the BLM. We know they are exceptional people because we know they are REAL and DEDICATED! And please, everybody, if you have an extra few bucks, please consider donating some of it to We are just a bunch of regular people at Grassroots. And since our administration is keeping silent on the horrific genicide going on with our horses and little burros, WE ARE DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT OURSELVES. With our donations we have hired our own attorneys, AND WE ARE GOING TO END THIS ATTROCITY!


  7. As the BLM digs a deeper hole for themselves, this will not go unpunished, Now Somebody has to Prosecute These disgusting bastards…………………………This cannot go without prosecution……………………Now they went and did the INEXCUSABLE CRIME……….. Right out in the open , right in front of America…………………


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