Petitioning deadline extended on Canadian anti horse slaughter bill

Thousands of signatures collected in favor of C-544; Town of Marathan passes Resolution in support

The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition reports:

On September 13th, the Corporation of the Town of Marathon, Ontario unanimously passed a resolution in support of Bill C-544, which amends the Health of Animals Act and the Meat Inspection Act to prohibit the importation or exportation of horses for slaughter for human consumption, and of horse-meat products for human consumption. Marathon, located on the north shore of Lake Superior, is the economic hub between Thunder Bay and Sault Ste. Marie in northern Ontario.

The CHDC applauds Mayor Dumas and all Council members of Marathon for their support. The resolution also includes that a copy of the motion be forwarded to Northwestern Ontario Municipal Assocation (NOMA) requesting distribution to fellow municipalities seeking support of the resolution. The CHDC and its members invite other Canadian cities, towns, municipalities, and all levels of government to lend their backing to Bill C-544:

The CHDC has been hearing from supporters across Canada, who have been successful in collecting signatures to present to their MPs. One such diligent advocate in Victoria, BC has collected over 1,100 signatures! Another avid horse advocate in Vancouver has collected 1,700 signatures within a 50-mile radius, through pet nutrition stores. She reports that the greatest support has come from BC’s horse community,

“It seems the people most aware of horse slaughter, are the ones who most want it to stop.” A horse rescue in St. Thomas, Ontario has over 300 signatures. There are many more country-wide examples of people gaining grass roots support through their petitioning efforts. The CHDC says a Big Thank You to everyone for their hard work for the horses. Keep it up!!

We are aware that some MPs may not be supportive of Bill C-544. It has been suggested by MP Alex Atamanenko’s office, that to ensure your petitions are accounted for and read in Parliament, ALL petitions can be forwarded to his office.

We thank fellow animal welfare organization Humane Society International (HSI) for being instrumental in gathering names and signatures on this bill. Since they already have a tabulation of many Canada-wide supporters, HSI is assisting to keep track of all support efforts across the country. After you send in your petitions to MP Atamanenko, please notify your MP of your actions, and take the time to write a letter or email to say why you’re supporting this bill and the number of names you’ve gathered.

Also, please notify HSI how many signatures were gathered, and in what riding. If you have already sent in your petitions to your MP, please follow up with them and ask that they be tabled in the House of Commons. Please notify HSI with details of your petitions. If you have sent in your petitions or copies to the CHDC, we will ensure they are tabulated together with the others. By accomplishing this tabulation, we will ensure all signatures are properly accounted for, and that all petitions get tabled. Please click on these links to access the new petitions: (English version) or (French version).

Finally, we are extending the petitioning deadline until DECEMBER 31, 2010. This gives people time to continue communication with their MPs, and gives time for a second MP to re-introduce the bill in Parliament.

Here is a link to find your MP:


MP Alex Atamanenko
337 Columbia Avenue
Castlegar, BC V1N 1G6
Tel: 250-365-2792

Humane Society International (HSI) – Canada
372 Ste-Catherine O/W Suite 319
Montreal, QC H3B 1A2
Tel: 514-395-2914 (EST-5h)
Fax: 514-395-8021

5 thoughts on “Petitioning deadline extended on Canadian anti horse slaughter bill”

  1. A big shout out to “Tisol Pet Nutrition Stores”, whose owners and staff courageously invited Bill C-544 petitions into eight locations throughout Lower Mainland BC. “Sophie’s Pet Palace” also hosted.

    I picked up 1700 sigs Sept. 11th, and three stores opted to keep going until the end of this month. The petitions have been delivered safe and sound to NDP (Democrat) MP Libby Davies, who absolutely supports the Bill. She’s taken this on while calling the Vancouver police to task re: laxity on a serial killer investigation. Gotta love those hellcats who make it to national politics.

    It’s been a complete joy working with the animal-loving people of Tisol. They know “love” means fighting for what you believe. The staff bravely waded through a sickening six page summary of slaughter evidence, and endured briefings with me so they could speak knowledgeably on the issue. They took flack from the pro-slaughter faction without losing their collective cool. Without extra pay.

    I just don’t know how CHDC looked through all that footage. I would curl up in a ball and plead for sedation and the psych ward.

    The most signatures came from closest to the meat auction. Isn’t that interesting.

    It’s been a spiritual and emotional awakening to share stories with others whose lives have been impacted by slaughter. We cried over our losses; the horses sold out from under us and the ones bought by “good homes”—that weren’t. The shame, the grief, the rage we all bear at this betrayal. Sometimes I think of all the little girls and boys who don’t know where their childhood pony ended up, and I get new energy.

    Thank you, Vivian! Thank you, Canadian Horse Defence Coalition! Thank you, MP Alex Atamanenko, Gina, Laurel and Ann!

    “The secret of joy is resistance.”—Alice Walker


    1. WoW! Reisa,,,Beautiful Saying…
      May i comment, that i feel a-little better, after reading your message
      here and It is A VERY IMOTIONAL, issue,,I am against this Horse-Slaughter, so much, that i work around the clock, to see something encouraging about this Halocost! Deeply, i and other family members are so shocked and upset to see and hear, what goes on in horse-slaughter-houses, and last, but not least,,this should be all closed down! YES to C-544,, NO to Suffrence. Tks, A voice for horses. xx


    2. Good stuff Reisa

      I have printed out the petition and plan to visit our “pet” stores here in Kingston, ON. Obviously I won’t get the numbers you have collected but at l;east there will be representation from other smaller cities in Canada and from the east as well as the west.

      We don’t have the horse population like out west but we are equally passionate.

      Thanks for being there……everyone!

      We have the power to make it happen, so lets hope it does.


      1. Hi Jane,

        Awesome! I know, I just got lucky with Tisol. They’re unique. I approached them because they don’t sell animals of any kind, and have a reputation for supporting good causes. They even have Greyhound rescue—right in the store! So you’re at the checkout, and some sweet hound is sniffing your shoes :-D

        Please feel free to download the flyers I made up: “The Horses Are Calling” and “Six Page Summary of Slaughter Evidence.” The first is a one page fact sheet, which the stores attached to the clipboard holding the petition. The petition itself is kind of a dry legal document, and needs to stay that way. Having more info is key to getting support. Go to, and click on Download Flyers. I also uploaded CHDC’s “Is Your Horse At Risk”, which warns horse owners about auctions.

        Good luck. Go get ’em, Jane!!!


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