ReRun Brands Their Horses

If you ever come across a horse with the ReRun brand at an auction or killpen, please contact them.
If you ever come across a horse with the ReRun brand at an auction or killpen, please contact them.

ReRun is serious about protecting their horses even after the Thoroughbreds have left their rehabilitation, retraining and adoption program. That is why they all get freeze-branded with ReRun’s unique and distinctive design (see image above). It is half of a heart with the letters “R R.”

If you ever come across a horse with the ReRun brand at an auction or killpen, please contact them. You can find ReRun’s contact information on the Home Page of their website (on the left) at

You can also find ReRun on Facebook at

4 thoughts on “ReRun Brands Their Horses”

  1. Last year I designed a freeze brand to present to the New Mexico Rescues. Unfortunately none took me up on the offer, because they hadn’t had any reports of their horses ending up at a sale barn. At least not yet. Also, they felt they were protected by their Adoption Contracts. Maybe, maybe not.

    My design is a cross with a heart at the center and room for an initial in each quadrant of the cross so individual rescues could be identified and contacted. If a rescue doesn’t have 4 initials, the empty quadrent(s) would contain heart(s) similar to the center.

    Our brand and livestock inspectors said they’d never seen anything like it in their books. They said they’d recognize it immediately and felt including the initials would make contacting individual rescues pretty simple.

    Anyway, my offer stands – free to any rescue, anywhere. If someone would like me to send them a prototype image they are welcome to contact me at If they like the design, I will customize the image for their rescue and send it back to them.

    And this isn’t an ego trip. It certainly doesn’t have to be MY design, but I think that one strong image representing all the nation’s rescues could keep horses from the slaughterhouses.


    1. Thanks Linda, that’s what all the rescues need.

      You bring a smile to my face, and smiling is my favorite exercise.


  2. WOW !!! wouldnt it be great to give this whole thing to a college Law School and let them figure out the best thing to do…Imagine hundreds of Law students taking this one on !!!!!!!!


  3. God Will Bless ReRun for this one single awesome action……………………. WOW i am so Impressed with these people !!!!!! Its the Spirit in which we will stop the Criminal BLM, we will infact STOP them, from Assaulting our Wild Mustang who are PROTECTED by CONGRESS, I would like to know who the Hell the BLM thinks they are?????? They are not above the LAW and they will be made and held accounted for all their Assaults on the Mustangs…… I know their are some really fiesty Ballsy Attorneys out there who could really get this job done, now where are they?????????


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