Michael Blowen to receive award for giving Thoroughbreds a safe retirement

Maureen Harmonay writes the following for the Equine Advocacy Examiner:

Michael Blowen, the former Boston Globe film critic who left a desk job to dedicate his life to the rescue and care of former thoroughbred racehorses at Old Friends, the sanctuary he founded in Georgetown, Kentucky, will receive the MSPCA-Angell “Human Hero Award” at their annual Animal Hall of Fame dinner at the J.F.K. Library on October 21st.

For the last eight years, Old Friends has taken in dozens of stallions at the end of the breeding careers, in an effort to ensure that they do not meet the fate of Kentucky Derby winner, Ferdinand, who met his death in a Japanese slaughterhouse, or Hall of Fame honoree, Exceller, who died under similarly cruel circumstances in Sweden.

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Justly deserved, and many congratulations. -Ed.

1 thought on “Michael Blowen to receive award for giving Thoroughbreds a safe retirement”

  1. This man certainly deserves every humanitarian award available. This is so wonderful it brings tears to my eyes. God Bless him for taking care of the beautiful horses. I will definitely put Old Friends on my itinerary my next trip east.


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