Considerations when purchasing or adopting an ex-Racehorse for sport

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Written by ALEXANDRA BECKSETT, Special Features Writer

Thoroughbreds that who have retired from the racetrack often transition into sport horse careers, but prospective ex-racehorse owners should carefully consider temperament, medical condition, and conformation if they want a successful partner in the show ring. Chris Newton, DVM, veterinary partner at Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, Ky., explained to owners what they should look for or avoid before purchasing or adopting an ex-racehorse at A Winning Edge: Promoting Peak Performance in Equine Athletes, a seminar held on Sept. 24 in Lexington.

According to Newton, prospective owners should first carefully evaluate the mental and physical condition of the horse, including previous injuries, mental acuity, and strength and flexibility. Owners also should avoid horses with injuries and conformation faults that might predispose them to conditions that could impair their future as performance horses.


2 thoughts on “Considerations when purchasing or adopting an ex-Racehorse for sport”

  1. Do you think that people who don’t own horses can relate to the need of horses? I’m talking about people who know animals but have never had the pleasure of a horse.

    I personally think that when you are one with animals it really doesn’t matter what species they are, they will know you are one with them.

    I have always felt this way and have had a special bonds with all animals I have had contact with.

    Sorry if it is a silly question but I believe it is an interesting one.


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