Tony Curtis passes, and horses lose a friend

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We are all saddened here at the death of screen star and movie legend, Tony Curtis, on many levels. However, because of the nature of what we do, our chief thoughts have been about the many horses who had such a friend that many lives were spared and enriched because of Mr. Curtis’ kindness and generosity.

I noticed this blog account, and I hope the lady who wrote it doesn’t mind us repeating it here. If you have comments, perhaps you would be kind enough to post them on her site.

Juli Thorson writes:

When I heard this morning’s news that Hollywood legend Tony Curtis died last night at his Las Vegas-area home, I got a lump in my throat.

Though I never had the privilege of meeting Tony in person, I did know him, by his actions, to be a friend to horses. He was the founder and main supporter of Shiloh, a horse-rescue and sanctuary located south of Las Vegas. To date, nearly 600 previously unwanted horses have found homes and loving care at Shiloh.

One such horse, who still resides at Shiloh, is the blind Appaloosa mare I discovered abandoned at an Idaho livestock yard. After I blogged about this horse, one of my readers, Mikey, contacted Shiloh about her, then drove all the way from Arizona to pick her up and deliver her to Tony and Jill’s sanctuary.

Tony Curtis was most famous for his career as a Hollywood star and heartthrob. He co-starred with the likes of Marilyn Monroe, and was the father of actress Jamie Lee Curtis.

But I will always think of him as the person who, in his later years, helped make a difference in the lives of horses–one horse at a time.

God bless you, Tony. You will be missed.

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7 thoughts on “Tony Curtis passes, and horses lose a friend”

  1. As a baby boomer from the Bronx, N.Y. my family and I truly loved TONY CURTIS,
    not only for his movies, but for being a Great Artist, and for all he did to rescue
    horses. He was a true “AMERICAN ICON.” He will be truly missed.


  2. What a great man, I have always like Tony Curtis since I was a child. My grandmother and I would watch his movies together. He willl be missed by us and the horses. RIP Tony may you find the horsses in heaven who need your friendship.


  3. I am very saddened at the passing of Tony Curtis , again we lose a Wonderful friend to the Horses……… Yes, he made a huge difference for horses…..Only yesterday Ms. Grant and I were talking about him, he will be so very missed by all of America.. God Bless Tony Curtis for all of his accomplishment s…………… and for all the lives of horses he saved…………….


  4. This is truely a great loss for his family, his fans and the horses. Since I live in Las Vegas, I would like to know where Shiloh is and how I can volunteer to help them. I am sure there are many others like me, who did not know that Shiloh existed and would also like to help continue his work for the horses.


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