BLM Horses Held in Utah Prison

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HOUSTON (Horseback) – (Oct. 1, 2010) The federal Bureau of Land Management is holding wild horses captured during its “gathers” at a Utah state prison.

In a filing today in the ongoing first amendment case of Leigh vs. Salazar, it was revealed in court documents that the animals are being housed at the Central Utah Correctional Facility at Gunnison. The brief, an amendment to a motion for a preliminary injunction filed by Reno litigator Gordon Cowan did not state the number of horses being held.

Journalist and photographer Laura Leigh has sued the BLM because she was denied access afforded the New York Times, and the Las Vegas Sun. The suit is in the Reno court of Judge Larry Hicks.

The revelation that the horses were being held in a Utah prison came when she described in the documents following a truck to the site from the Nevada ghost town, Pioche, to attempt to “rescue” a horse for which she had found a home.


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2 thoughts on “BLM Horses Held in Utah Prison”

  1. OMG Larry Hicks again, The BLM again getting away with illegal captures, Sneaky Bastards, is this facility closed for prisoners?????? Or Our Mustangs,now are the BLMs Prisoners there, They are not criminals, The real Criminals are the BLM …… Oh would I just Love too Lock up The BLM there……………………..This is another crime the BLM is committing will they get away with this crime also……………………….. Judge Larry Hicks just better start doing his job…………….NO EXCUSES FOR YOU THIS TIME JUDGE HICKS>>>>>>>>>>….


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