BLM Puts Off West Douglas Wild Horse Roundup

HOUSTON, Texas (HfHAC) – (Oct. 3, 2010) After filing contempt of court, complaints and today a TRO attempting to stop the “Zeroing Out” of the West Douglas Wild Horse herd next week the combined wild horse coalition learned of the BLM’s decision to pull back and wait to conduct the roundup sometime during the summer of 2011.

Although not a clear win for the horses it is a win for today as the horses of West Douglas will run free while the advocates fine tune and supercharge their case.

“There are a whole bunch of good folks who can go to sleep, tonight, knowing that they did the right thing.” said R.T. Fitch, volunteer Executive Director of Habitat for Horses Advisory Council who, along with Front Range Equine Rescue, financially backed the legal project. “My hat is off to the fine legal team, the plaintiffs and everyone involved in this case.”

Source: Press Release

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