BLM’s similar vaccines will sterilize wild mares they leave behind

CINDY MacDONALD of American Herds catches what no one else does.

In her most recent, riveting and eye-opening report, which I excerpt below, American Herds blogger Cindy MacDonald exposes how the BLM plans to sterilize the handful of wild horses left behind from their deadly and escalated roundups.

Warm Springs Foals. BLM Photo.
Wild horse foals such as these from the Warm Springs Roundup will be no more as the BLM sterilizes mares with birth control drugs similar to PZP they have been experimenting with since 2008. -BLM Image.

Excerpt from MacDonald’s post, “A Similar Vaccine”

As the accelerated Obama/Salazar meat machine continues to grind up America’s wild horses and burros behind closed doors while contemptuously spitting them back out into the publics face, here is one of the latest trends BLM may be about to foist on our herds.

On September 15, 2010, the BLM Burns District Office in Oregon announced the opening of a public comment period on a fourth alternative being added to an already released Environmental Assessment regarding the removal of wild horses in the Warm Springs HMA.

The summary of this new alternative is, “The BLM has subsequently added a fourth alternative to the EA analyzing the application of a 2-year Porcine Zona Pellucida (PZP-22), or similar, vaccine to approximately 43 horse mares. At this time, the BLM is soliciting comments on the additional alternative of injecting mares with PZP-22.

What does “similar” vaccine mean?

“Similar” vaccine means SpayVac™ and GonaCon™ which the BLM have experimented with on captured wild mares to good result. For the BLM.

So now when the BLM, or any of the nominated-for-sainthood “saviors” of wild horses — who plan to put America’s wild horses in their own particular brand of zoos — say they are not administering PZP, they are not lying. So to speak. They are, however, withholding the deadly truth.

Please take the time to read all of this important article >>

1 thought on “BLM’s similar vaccines will sterilize wild mares they leave behind”

  1. Again I am thoroughly sickened, appalled and disgusted at the frickin damn lies and deception being dished out by the BLM, and Now Madeleine Pickens, it shows to be all they want to do is DESTROY The only wonderful thing we have to believe in, Our Only Living Legends The Wild Mustang, Jeeze already, show and tell the damn truth you low life , greedy Bastards………………..With the only thing on there minds is to destroy the All beauty in America……………………….. And line their pockets with BLOOD MONEY, Well damn it we are not a bunch of Dummies out here………….. We all see through their stupid ill Lies and Deception…….And we will prove it to them…………………


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