Deputies shoot and kill couple’s horse because he looked skinny

This a sad case about a horse called Bud. Bless Bud. He has gone Home. His pain is over.

The deputies shot him because they thought Bud was being neglected. Bud’s “owners” say he looked malnourished and was having a hard time getting around because he was old and they were just waiting for him die. Um, 15 is not really that old for a horse.

The humans Bud leaves behind, what about them? Sounds doubtful there will be much of an investigation, especially if they can get together on it and make a deal.

Here are excerpts from the report filed by RUFFIN PREVOST for the Billings Gazette.

This story filed is entitled, “Deputies Shot 15 Year Old Horse Before Checking with Brand Manager”, and subtitled, “Euthanized horse generates controversy”.

CODY, WY (Oct. 7, 2010) — A Thermopolis couple has hired an attorney and is planning a lawsuit after deputies with the Hot Springs County Sheriff’s Department shot their horse, assuming it was a stray.

“They’ve made no attempt to apologize and no attempt to make it right,” Larry Bentley said of his interactions with personnel from the department following an Aug. 10 incident in which deputies euthanized Bud, a pet horse owned by his wife, Chris.

According to Bentley, an off-duty deputy reported Bud to co-workers as a potential case of livestock neglect, and deputies shot the animal on the assumption that it was an abandoned stray. But the horse was on Bentley’s property, and no attempts were made to contact him before the animal was shot, Bentley said.

The local brand inspector said he should have been contacted first, and the veterinarian called by deputies to assess the horse says she asked at the time whether the animal belonged to Bentley.

Sheriff Lou Falgoust did not respond to a message seeking comment.

“We sent them a letter that said if they did an investigation and we were kept abreast of what happened, we would not sue,” Bentley said.

But no independent investigation has been launched, or even called for by the sheriff or county attorney.

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1 thought on “Deputies shoot and kill couple’s horse because he looked skinny”

  1. I do not know the ins and outs of this of course, but to shoot a horse that was on someones property without checking with them first sounds totally wrong. There should certainly be an investigation , and why was the Humane society not called before a decision was made to shoot it out of hand. Mind you, a skinny 15 year old horse that they were just waiting for to die sounds very wrong too…malnourished why ??? 15 is not old. Had he seen a vet?? why was he having trouble getting around at that age??? Were they truly looking after him??? We need to have someone look into all this, because it sounds like there were several issues that should have been addressed before he was put to death.


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