Wild horse lovers give their voices at Boston Rally

Report and Images, Boston Wild Horse Rally, Friday, October 8, 2010

Written by CAROL POOLE

BOSTON, MA (Oct. 11, 2010) — The protest was just incredible!

We had 18 wonderful people attend including two children who travelled from Central Massachusetts, North of Boston, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Virginia.

Not as many people came out as said they would, but that did not really matter at all. What did matter is that those who did come were the most passionate advocates in their intent to do something to help save what is left of our precious American wild horses and stop the slaughter and export for slaughter of our domestic horses who are our companions, best friends and pets.

The front of the State House in Boston is an amazing location for visibility. Every tour bus and or field trip that goes through Boston stops there. We had busload after busload of people in front of us throughout the entire event. Sometimes the people in the open air buses cheered and waved. Some people in cars honked and gave the thumbs up out their windows when going by.

Walking traffic was just as busy. We spoke to and gave information to folks from North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan & Canada, to name a few! As a matter of fact, we passed out information and talked to people the entire time we were there.

Most if not all of us were interviewed by Emerson Graduate students who were there is full force armed with microphones and recorders. A Boston Channel 5 truck pulled over right in front of us, but the camera man said he was there to film for the nightly show “Chronicle” and he wouldn’t even take some printed information from us. An employee from Fox 25 did take some information though.

We did not have to walk up to people and try to engage them. People came up to us one after the other asking what was happening with the horses. We passed out hundreds of flyers and postcards to Obama asking to stop the roundups and flyers from Americans Against Horse Slaughter asking for passage of Federal legislation to ban the transport of America’s horses to slaughter.

It was a very productive and positive day, and by the reception we received from motorists, tourists and foot traffic, we plan to have another one before the snow flies!

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9 thoughts on “Wild horse lovers give their voices at Boston Rally”

  1. My heart is so broken after reading about Silver King I had to write this to try and compose myself……………………….And the Wild Mustangs Pleads :I carry within me the Pride, the Nobleness, the gentleness ,the inspiration and the Spirit of the Ages.I am assaulted, imprisoned, maimed and my foals are are roped and tied to die in the Sun, and everything i hold dear in my Soul is shattered like a piece of fine glass by the very people who are in trusted with my welfare.I am here with purpose, it is to enlighten to those who have loss…….. to serve…..some are loving give their loving care in things i cannot help myself with, others want to completely destroy me…I am called a Champion,Who will be our Champion?Please save Us we our the future… We have so very much to give………………and to share………


  2. I am a recent transplant from California and would like to get more involved in this kind of MUSTANG RESCUE. Is there a point person in the Boston area?


    1. Kathy, are you on Facebook? You may like to “friend” Carol Poole. If you are not on FB, please email me at tuesdayshorse[@]horsefund.org and I’ll connect you.


    2. Hi Kathy –

      I don’t know if anyone at the MSPCA’s Nevins Farm might know about people in the Boston area who rescue mustangs, but it might be worth a try. Nevins is a wonderful organization with volunteer opportunities for those who enjoy working with many kinds of animals, including horses.

      Also, there are a couple of trainers who work with mustangs in Massachusetts and a few in other New England states. Here’s a link. Just click on a state and a list of names and email info should come up. Also click on some Western States, especially Nevada. Quite a contrast to other states across the country which have many trainers dedicated to helping our American Mustangs!

      Hope this helps.


      1. Thank you Linda. I will give it a try. I was involved with publicizing the mustang rescues in Los Angeles because I wrote for THE EQUESTRIAN NEWS and was helping a filmmaker, James Kleinert publicize his film DISAPPOINTMENT VALLEY about the brutal roundups and mismanagement of this poor creatures at the hands of those suppose to help – the BLM. I’d like to screen the film in the Boston area and bring more awareness to the East. Thanks for your suggestions.


  3. Good for Beantown! I’m a New Mexico transplant – originally from Massachusetts. I may have been gone for 30 years, but I swelled with pride reading this. Thanks to everyone who stood up for the wild ones and against slaughter at the Boston Rally. Also to all those who took the time to stop and gain a greater understanding of these issues. Here’s hoping everyone spreads the word!


  4. Dear Carole , This is what is known as the domino effect !!!! The Boston Rally was a huge success, and we will see in the coming days………………………Just how effective this and every rally will be……………………………. People over here in the East do not have first hand knowledge of just what exactly is going on , There are thousands of people who will now know exactly what the BLM is doing , I say rest assured that Our Mustangs will get their voices ………………….. from every American , all these rallies touch many people who dont realize The Criminal BLM……………….is up too………………………illegal criminal Assaults on the Beloved Wild Mustang………. The rally in Las Vegas Nev. today will also give our voices to Our Mustang……………….. More Law Suits filed everyday for Our Mustangs, VIVA The Wild Mustangs !!!!!!!!


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