Grey Beard Bandit at Horseman's Park Las Vegas

Voices heard for wild horses at Las Vegas rally

Grey Beard Bandit debuted “Wild Horses Need Our Voices” in a live performance at Horseman’s Park, Las Vegas, Monday, October 11, 2010.

The song was center stage in a three hour long wild horse rally that attracted 80-100 people. Among those giving speeches were Arlene Gawne and a spokesperson for U.S. Rep. Dina Titus who represents the southern district of Las Vegas.

As well as learning about the federal government’s destruction of our wild horse herds, people attending were also able to meet wild horses previously living in freedom on public lands before being rounded up by the Bureau of Land Management and adopted out to members of the public. Attendees also took the time to sign petitions and letters to the President and their elected officials calling for a halt to the roundups and a Congressional investigation into BLM activities in connection with the deadly gathers.

“The band was phenomenal; great music. Hearing “Wild Horses Need Our Voices” live was truly memorable. The RGS Mustangs were great ambassadors for their wild families, and everyone loved interacting with them,” states Shelly Smith, who volunteered locally to put the rally together with her sister Katie Hill Barron.

“I think if these wild horse rallies and protests continue, and we get awareness out there, our Mustangs will be free again”, Smith adds.

Shelly is seen here in a clip speaking with a reporter from CBS affiliate KLAS-TV, Channel 8, Las Vegas, who covered the event.

Here are some photographs from the “Wild Horses Need Our Voices” rally in Las Vegas. You can also listen to the song while you watch the slideshow.

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Buy the song at iTunes. Also available from AmazonMP3. Proceeds from sales will help spread the word even more.

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4 thoughts on “Voices heard for wild horses at Las Vegas rally”

  1. oh Bravo for the Wild Mustangs who also attended the Las Vegas Rally, their presence was amazing, they did everything so right , no prompting !!! Wonderful all got to see these beauties in the flesh……….WOW !!!! cant tell me they dont know just whats going on !!!!!


  2. EXCELLENT!!! Mustangs & music – a winning combination. Each rally adds to public awareness of the plight of the wild ones. Hopefully folks who are new to the cause will become active, pass the word along, and strengthen our numbers.


  3. Bill Wakefield and the Gray Beard Band absolutely Rocked Las Vegas Monday, their voices echoed throughout all of Las Vegas……………. Wild Horses Need Our Voices, ….. Thank You Bill Wakefield and the Gray Bread Band………………….


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