Research mares with ovaries removed auctioned online by OSU

OSU Research Mares for Sale
Three of the Oregon State University research mares for sale online as surplus property. Ovaries Not Included.

Oregon State University is holding an online auction of surplus property.

Listed among the cars, trucks, a group of chairs and a snowplow are Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred mares used in immunocontraceptive research who have had their ovaries removed.

Starting price, $150.00. You and I both know who will be bidding for them.

If you are offended by this disgusting online sale of horses used for scientific experimentation, then sold to anyone who comes along — like killer buyers for the slaughterhouses — please contact the Office of the President of Oregon State University and let him know.

Dr. Edward J. Ray
Ph: 541-737-4133
Fax: 541-737-3033 (fax)’s+Office

If you care to contact any of OSU’s “surplus specialists,” they are:

Wendy Major
Surplus Property Manager
(541) 737-7347

Bil Burton
User Support Analyst 1
(541) 737-7347

Rae DeLay
Operations Manager
(541) 737-7341

7 thoughts on “Research mares with ovaries removed auctioned online by OSU”

  1. This is horrendous treatment of these beautiful innocent horses. The University should be fined and thier “research facility” can find other methods of “research” meaning other than using live animals of any kind like most other Research facilities have done. Please stop this, they are NOT SURPLUS MATERIAL – THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL LIVING CREATURE. Offer them for Adoption or release to Horse Organizations or Individuals who will care for them and give them the life they deserve. These horses are no less than beautiful animals just because you have cruely removed thier overies. This needs to stop now. Every US Senator and Representative and Every State Representative should be involved and stop this on both the Federal and State levels. Stop funding any type of research involving live animals. Any Animal!


  2. Surplus property? How dare You receive public funding to do this, as an Oregon taxpayer, I am appalled! Furthermore this is a procedure that Sheldonwildlife Refuge is planning to conduct-IN THE FIELD- on all mares returned to sheldon, by their cattle feedlot vets, and then release the after care, oregon is a partner in this refuge and i must insist that my Senators get involved in this “concentration camp style” experimentation and cruelity to animals. where is the USHS andASPCA on this???


  3. This is the response I received from Bill Burton.
    “As you probably know- I have no control over it.

    As you might also know- we cannot legally discriminate against people when they
    submit bids for property. “


  4. Wow.
    Ethics and responsibility musta been left off the curriculum due to budget cuts.
    So much for ‘higher’ learning.


  5. First of all, this is an extremely shabby way to treat horses that probably supplied information for many theses. I sure hope these mares were buted after surgery. Maybe that would keep them from slaughter, maybe not.

    Theses are very good looking mares that already have been handled to varying degrees and are in good health. Many are young and seem to have qualities that should respond well to Natural Horsemanship techniques.

    I wonder if we should contact Oregon Rescues? If they aren’t interested personally, some may have “Available Through Others” or at least be willing to feature them on their websites.


  6. Again, just disgusting and no life values attributable to the individuals who are responsible for this.

    Do kill buyers and the like have a special place in hell? I certainly hope so!!!!!

    How do people who profit from these activities live with themselves? Defintiely in a different dimension than me. Thank God!


  7. Absolutely heartbreaking. OSU has been a Research Facility for years, and been working under the Radar, other than their tests on Monkeys. We have been unable to get them shut down. But this is beyond the pale. We are as helpless to stop this as the horses are.


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