Phoenix wild horse and anti slaughter rally in pictures

Horse lovers and advocates in Phoenix put on a great rally, Saturday, October 23, 2010, protesting wild horse and burro roundups and against horse slaughter, demanding a vote on federal legislation, HR 503 and S 7272.

Truly inspiring. Not enough thanks can be given to all those organizing, making signs, and attending these rallies.

Here it is in pictures.

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2 thoughts on “Phoenix wild horse and anti slaughter rally in pictures”

  1. Kathleen did an awesome job on organizing the Phx protest!
    Sorry we missed it! But grateful we can experience it through posts like this!

    If one heart, one mind is opened to the realities of the plight of America’s horses then the efforts are well rewarded!

    March on, we need to continue!


  2. I am so proud of all of us here and everywhere that are Uniting together for our Wild Mustangs…………… Our Mustangs need Media coverage big time, this also is very important , I cannot stress this enough, in ohio i have Emailed all the Station s and channels no word yet from them as of yet, …………I will kept emailing until they answer………….. I also emailed Monty Roberts , I consider him to be the father of all mustangs ………………………….. he loves them heart and soul he would be such a plus, if he would speak out for them……. I have no doubt that he will !!!!!!


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