Concern over Swedish horse sex organ crimes

Cross-posted from The Local, Sweden’s News in English

Sweden is experiencing a dramatic increase in the number of attacks targeting the sex organs of female horses.

“Historically, there are about 20 per year. But this year the number of reports is already between 40 and 50,” Johan Beck-Friis of the Swedish Veterinary Association (Sveriges veterinärförbund – SVF) told the local Södermanlands Nyheter newspaper.

Last week a 20-year-old pregnant mare had been cut deep inside her vagina at a pasture at the Torps säteri estate outside of Nyköping in eastern Sweden.

The owner, Jenny Karlsson, discovered last Thursday that the horse had been injured, but thought she had injured herself.

But on Saturday Karlsson saw blood running down the mare’s hind leg and only then realised where the horse had been injured.

“This is so awful, I can’t understand why someone would do something like this. It’s so sick,” she told the newspaper.

Police have no suspects in the attack. Read full report >>

2 thoughts on “Concern over Swedish horse sex organ crimes”

  1. How sick is this, although I have heard of it before

    Deeply disturbed individuals who torture or mutilate animals typically have an innate inclination for murder – both animals and humans alike


    1. I haven’t heard much of this in the U.S., but off and on in Europe. In the U.S. we have that other ultra sick crime, having sex with horses. We don’t normally report it here; it is just too wicked. We do help local officials interpret whether or not it is “abuse” in terms of humane statutes.


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