Lil Firecracker from Salt Wells


Firecracker by (c) Pam Nickoles
Firecracker, roan colt from Salt Wells HMA. Image (c) Pam Nickoles.

Pam Nickoles, reknown wild horse photographer, has a new post on her blog about a young colt they named ‘Firecracker’.

What a joy he is, so strong, so proud and so beautiful.

I wanted desperately to grab one of the images to post here, but Pam strongly discourages such behavior, so I was strong and reined myself in.

(Update: Pam Nickoles acknowledged my restraint, and graciously allowed me to post one of her photographs of Firecracker. Thank you Pam).

While doing that, I was reining in other emotions.

I am not an overly sentimental person, and have been toughened further by the many atrocities I see committed by man against the horse on a daily basis. Viewing the comments on the post, however, together with Pam’s stirring images of ‘Firecracker’, my heart jumped in my throat and tears stung my eyes.

It is a tragedy, a crime, that we must worry that this precious young mustang may yet be rounded up. Or failing that, because it appears ‘Firecracker’ may have been displaced from his herd, he might have to winter alone. This will make it difficult for him to survive.

But let us leave all that for a few moments, and share in the spirit and joy of who this young mustang is right now, and still wild and free.

Please visit the link below to view the magnificent roan, ‘Firecracker’, in all of his glory. And God bless and protect all of our wild horses and burros.

Link to post:

If you love America’s wild horses and burros too, then please get involved and stay active with any of the many groups and organizations working to protect mustangs like ‘Firecracker’.

4 thoughts on “Lil Firecracker from Salt Wells”

  1. Is there a site to go to that has listed all the Horse Friendly Candidates in each State that are running for Office??????? All of us must only vote for Candidates that are Horse Friendly, all other Candidates are out !!!!! It would be oh so great to have a printed List of all of them…………………


  2. Wanted to share this poem written by Kim McElroy…………..

    Hoof Beats in Heaven

    Where Breezes blow and cloud wisps flow
    Stretch infinite pastures green and long
    Theres a place where horses go
    Where they are young again and strong
    From dedication, trials, and services paid
    Their benevolent hearts abide
    The ones that were loved and the ones mislaid
    May their Spirits forever reside


  3. I call him the “Little Flame of Hope and Freedom,” he is exactly why we all here !!!!! What a Poster Boy he is ………………………………………… Just the thought of the BLM harming one little whisp of his mane, makes me shiver in terror for him…………….


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