Take part in Presidential phone in for wild horses & burros

Note: This is a Facebook event. If you do not have a Facebook account, find someone who has who will post a question.

Tuesday, October 26th, the White House is holding a live call-in show where President Obama will answer questions from the public.

Go to the White House’s Facebook page NOW http://www.facebook.com/WhiteHouse. “Like” it first, then scroll down to where it says:

“Ask David Axelrod: Use the comments section of this wall post to ask your questions in advance & tune in to the live chat on Tues. 10/26 at 1:00 p.m. EDT.” Click on “comment” and fire away!

(After you make your comment, it will be automatically deposited at another page with a longer URL, which you can view by simply clicking onto “view all comments”).

Post Your Questions

Post your questions asking the President why he is allowing the BLM to continue to destroy our wild horses and burros.

WE NEED LOTS OF QUESTIONS to bring the wild horse and burro issue to the President’s attention. It is easy and fast to do.

Sample Questions

What would you really like to know? Here is your opportunity to get your question out there. Here are some sample questions to get your mind working.

— From Nancy Babcock

Question for Obama: #1
Why has there been no response from the White House to the thousands of people who have been calling, writing, faxing, emailing and protesting for the past 18 months about the BLM’s treatment of the wild horses?

Question for Obama #2
With all of the known conflicts of interest of Ken Salazar — personal private mining, oil, and ranching interests vs. his job as Secretary of Interior of protecting our lands, to say nothing of the known corruption he is known to be a part of (think MMS for starters) — how can he be counted on to have the interests of land and wildlife preservation at heart?

Question for Obama #3
Can you honestly say that you believe the DOI and BLM are upholding the tenets of the 1971 Wild Horse and Burro Act, which charges them with protecting our wild herds, with their current policies and actions that are effectively destroying our wild herds by removal and rendering those few herds that are left non-viable?

— From Vivian

Question for Obama #1
Why, despite huge public outcry, are you allowing the Bureau of Land Management to destroy our wild horses and burros to the point of extinction?

Question for Obama #2
President Eisenhower in 1959 and President Nixon in 1971 responded to public demand that America’s wild horses and burros be protected and not destroyed, and I would like to know, Mr President, when are you going to do the same, and what immediate action are you going to take?

Question for Obama #3
Are you aware that America’s wild horses and burros are on the brink of extinction because of DOI policies and BLM cruel, deadly and herd destroying roundups and capture, contrary to the very laws set up to protect them, and what are you going to do about it?


Not on Facebook? I bet you know someone who is (friend, family member, colleague). If you do not have a Facebook account, find someone who has, and ask them to post a question.

If you are on Facebook, please do this right now, and please “share” with all of your friends.

2 thoughts on “Take part in Presidential phone in for wild horses & burros”

  1. Not a good transmission over here !!!! Listened but kept losing sound !!! Did I miss the Wild Mustangs questions , because i heard none !!!!!


  2. Here’s one question I would really like the (honest) answer to:

    Mr. President, can you admit or deny, and comment that the DOI/BLM are actually doing exactly what you want in zeroing out our wild horses and burros to clear out their HMAs for your clean energy plans, and the real reason why you are ignoring public outcry to help them before they disappear forever?


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