Dark Days Loom for New Mexico Wild Horse Sanctuary

As R.T. Fitch points out in “Straight from the Horse’s Heart” referencing the same article:

“Don Glenn, chief of the BLM’s rogue and dysfunctional Wild Horse and Burro program was quoted in a recent “Santa Fe New Mexican” article saying:

“We are interested in a partnership with the state if they buy this land.”

That single sentence is enough to send cold shivers down the spine of every wild horse advocate in the United States who earlier held great hope for New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson’s sanctuary plan. The main point in establishing a state owned wild horse sanctuary was to protect the few remaining NM wild horses from the Obama administration’s BLM “Wild Horse Harvesting Machine.”

Across the west the BLM has instigated an unprecedented assault upon America’s fast disappearing wild horses and burros. Currently the BLM holds 40,000+ sterilized wild horses in mostly privately owned and undisclosed concentration camps with 12,000 stripped from their rightful homes in 2010 and 11,000 more to lose their freedom and lives in 2011.

The BLM publicly admits that they now hold more wild horses behind corral bars than are allowed to run free on the public land allocated to them by Congress. Governor Richardson has noted that once healthy herds of wild horses in New Mexico have been decimated by the BLM down to only a few hundred remaining free souls.

It was thought by many advocates that the action taken by the governor was a prudent step to wrest control of the lives of these horses out of the proven failed program of the BLM and into a protective sanctuary on state land with the assistance of a qualified non-profit organization. The American public embraced New Mexico’s concept as long as the special interest driven BLM was not involved. Obviously, the feds have other plans.”

What was once a good idea has suddenly taken a turn for the worse with the potential influence of the BLM’s proven junk science coming into play.

Governor Richardson’s plan called for managing a free and intact herd of wild horse families while Don Glenn’s BLM perspective is to turn the sanctuary into a wild horse death watch as “Glenn said the parcel proposed for the sanctuary would only support a small nonbreeding herd”.

The mark of the BLM on the grave of the American wild horse is one of the greatest American crimes of all time.

May God be with you, New Mexico.”


© Int’l Fund for Horses


Santa Fe New Mexican article

Straight from the Horse’s Heart article by R. T. Fitch

10 thoughts on “Dark Days Loom for New Mexico Wild Horse Sanctuary”

  1. I am here like all of us to make that difference !!!!! Calls and Letters will make that difference, small price to pay for HUGE Benefits for the Wild Mustangs………………….. I will not go away, I will not let up for one minute until The Wild Mustangs are free !!!! And the Bureau of Lairs and Murders is disbanded or instilled with the proper way to handle our Mustangs with respect ……………………………. Until then I remain stead fast !!!! My allegiance to the Horse and admiration for them, Came from One awesome loving horse named Spirit , a mare who gave back to me something nothing else could my spirit she did it with , her love, her pride ,her courageousness , I will never forget what she did for me……………and instilled back to me……………………..


  2. Amen Todd, been doing that everyday most times as many as 8 times daily… For Many years ……………… Imagine if we all would do that !!! WOWOW Theres your difference !!!!! And talk about making the difference power in numbers for sure !!!!!


  3. DISGUSTING, I am SO VERY SICK of the lying murdering un-American law breaking criminal BLM org.

    The American people are starting to wake up and I hear through my Congressional members that the pressure is being “TURNED UP” in Washington. But I am afraid this has a evil down side to it. This will make the BLM act faster, harsher and make them become more desperate to rid the open ranges of our Mustangs than ever before.

    So it is VITAL that EVERYONE make this issue our daily GOAL to Call write or e-mail your Congressional members and tell them to support and pass S. 1579 – The Restore Our Mustang Act (House version has already passed) and H.R. 503 and S. 727 – The Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act aka The Horse Slaughter Prohibition Bill!



  4. The BLM, Salazar and company are more than happy that these poor horses are suffering and dying. Sick, nothing more and nothing less. Another reason the BLM needs to be shut down.


  5. The Bureau of Liars and Murderers only know how to destroy, they sit on their Brains…………..


  6. Yes Lisa , You are right !!!! The BLM wants nothing less then a full ZERO Wild Mustang count !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have no morals , no conscience, not using their BRAINS and also they lack good sense…………………….. ………………………….. THEY HAVE NO REMORSE !!!!!


    1. I agree Arlene, they have no morals, no conscience and certainly no remorse. But they seem to have plenty of brains when it comes to destruction.


  7. The Bureau has made it abundantly clear – the best interests of Wild Horses and Burros are simply not their major concern, but certainly, interference in that welfare is.

    New Mexico is trying to divest itself of this agency’s meddling; BLM doesn’t want Wild Equines ON the range, but they’ve made it clear they don’t want anyone else managing them independently, either.

    Pick a column, fellas. You can’t have it both ways. Either administer to these animals by upholding the WH&B Act (the unamended version) or step of the dias and let those who chose to do so.


  8. I am totally disgusted the BLM is allowed continually to murder , maim , and castrate the Wild Mustangs, without ramifications for any of their law breaking , criminal activities, I cannot understand why they have no one to answer to, they just keep murdering , maiming and castrating THE WILD Mustangs !!! They are not doing what who pays them wants, or hired them for ,in my world this is insubordination and is grounds for immediate dismissal with criminal charges…………………………….. The BLM is nothing but a bunch of inhuman Bastards getting away with Betrayal, and Murder, I call them now Bureau of Lairs and Murders…………………………………. My Heart absolutely breaks for the Wild Mustangs, I feel powerless to help them…………. How can a Nation stand by powerless to help them……………………… This is America the people rule !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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