Arizona State Ag Dept launches Equine Rescue Registry

Cross-posted from Arizona Capitol Times

Written by DAVID ROOKHUYZEN, Cronkite News Service

Brandy needed urgent medical care, Rim Rock was abandoned and Priya had been abused. These three, now at Arizona Equine Rescue Organization Inc., represent the fate of many horses in Arizona these days.

“As the budgets get cut, as the economy goes down, horses suffer,” said Soleil Dolce, the group’s vice president.

Now those who can’t afford to keep their horses and public officials dealing with abandoned animals can find Arizona Equine Rescue on a state-sanctioned list of rescue organizations.

The Equine Rescue Registry, run by the Arizona Department of Agriculture, was approved by the Legislature in 2009 after lobbying from the Arizona Horse Council and the equine rescue community to set up a public list of reputable organizations.

“For [the state], having a rescue registry where there is some sort of review to make sure the rescues are operating in a respectable fashion is critical,” she said. “Then, when they refer, they can refer more confidently.”

Chip Wilson, vice president of the Arizona Horse Council, said the registry will help owners differentiate “true rescues” from “fly-by-night” organizations that bill themselves as shelters. The latter, he said, will turn around and sell horses left in their care – some even to slaughterhouses. Read full report for more details >>

3 thoughts on “Arizona State Ag Dept launches Equine Rescue Registry”

  1. There should be several of these organizations in every state if not every city. What a wonderful thing AZ is doing. Yes, we need rescue shelters for horses just like we have for dogs, cats and other Pets. They should never be euthanized unless they are in such pain or have some incurable condition and then they should be put down humanely and buried with the respect and dignity they deserve as God’s living creatures.


  2. It’s about time! EVERY state should have a registry. It’s an important way to determine whether a rescue is on the up-and-up. There should also be a free or low-cost national association of licensed rescues. If you need to give up a horse or want to adopt, it’s imperitive the animal is at a good facility.

    Six rescues in New Mexico are licensed through the NM Livestock Board. Yearly inspections and unannounced visits if there’s a valid complaint. I don’t know how many here are unlicensed. Probably allot. Many say they’re non-profits, but how do you know? Licensing would assure people their support is going to a good place.


  3. My first question is how could a Journalist ever print that kind crap, obviously did not do any research what so ever, I cant believe Newsweek would ever even print that un researched non sense…………. Truly unbelievable….. I am speechless after reading that !!!!!


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