Wyoming wild horse roundup effort grows

“A massive, ongoing wild horse roundup in southwest Wyoming is getting bigger,” writes Jeff Gearino for Wyoming’s Trib.com.

Federal cowboys will gather an additional 157 wild horses on top of the nearly 2,000 excess animals the agency originally targeted for removal from two large herd management areas in eastern Sweetwater County.

Bureau of Land Management officials said Monday overflights of the Adobe Town and Salt Wells Creek herd management areas showed there were more wild horses than previously thought.

Wild horse advocates in Wyoming decried the move and said the BLM’s population counts can’t be trusted.

BLM wranglers have gathered 1,360 wild horses since the roundup began Oct. 10, according to the agency’s website. The helicopter-aided roundups have been helped by the unusually mild fall weather in the region.


2 thoughts on “Wyoming wild horse roundup effort grows”

  1. Another one-sided and poorly researched article with the only true statements given by Pat Fazio, PhD. The number of cattle is not given for the 22 allotments but I bet they way outnumber the wild horses. Also there are not 35,ooo wild horses still free , but there are that many in holding facilites. 12,000 have been rounded up this year alone and removed from their lawful herd management areas. It is impossible for them to re-populate that fast especially when the few mares that are returned are given PZP to prevent pregnancies. This article is nothing but more BLM BS. What a shame that WY is wiping out their wild horses .


  2. The people of Wyoming need to put there foot down and say no !!!!!! The Governor of Wyoming should stand up for his Wild Mustangs !!!!! The People of Wyoming Want there Wild Mustangs to be FREE , Now Governor its time to stand up for the Mustang !!!!! They are the Regal Ambassador s of Freedom SPEAK UP !!!!


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