Mid term election results not great for horse issues

There is disappointing news in the mid-term election results for horse protection issues.

Sen. Harry Reid, the instigator of the notorious Burns Amendment legally exposing our wild horses and burros to slaughter (according to Sen. Burns), remains. As U.S. Senate Majority leader, Reid has to date ignored public pleas to move the bill barring the slaughter of American horse at home and abroad to the Senate floor for a vote. The Democrats maintained their majority in the U.S. Senate, so no imminent leadership change there.

The Republicans took back the U.S. House, which leads to the return of Rep. Bob Goodlatte as Chairman of the Agriculture Committee. Goodlatte is equally as notorious as Burns, perhaps more so. Goodlatte expended considerable time and energy derailing every bit of federal legislation that would ban horse slaughter and transport to slaughter when Republicans previously ruled the House. Expect more of the same from him.

There is a glimmer of encouraging news.

Rep. Raul Grijalva, who is a friend to wild horses and burros, retains his seat in the House after a very closely run contest against an opponent heavily backed by Sen. John McCain.

While the wild horse and burro issue has remained a federally fought battle in Washington and in the courts, many of the major showdowns on that other big welfare issue, horse slaughter, have taken place at the state legislative level for the past few years. A prime example and probably the most active of horse slaughter proponents at the state level is Rep. Sue Wallis of Wyoming.

Referred to as “Slaughterhouse Sue” because she appears to spend most of her time working to bring horse slaughter back to U.S. soil by opening a plant in her home state of Wyoming, remains after yesterday’s mid-term elections. However, what power Wallis has depends not so much on her State seat but from funding by major corporate backers of her horse slaughter plans.

Regardless of the outcome of the mid term elections, it is important to remember this.

Horse protection issues are historically bipartisan, meaning that there is more or less equal support from all parties, and not seen as strictly Democratic or Republican, conservative or liberal. Horse protection issues typically fare no better or no worse because of who controls Congress. However, horse protection legislation faces stiff opposition from highly placed politicians and some of the richest, most powerful lobbyists. They are the ones to watch.

8 thoughts on “Mid term election results not great for horse issues”

  1. There can be little doubt that the wave of Republicans winning the House and many new Governorships was a result of the groundswell by the Tea Party activists. As such, many of the new incumbents seem to have their spirit and libertarian political bent.

    As an early Tea Party adopter myself, I can tell you that the whole idea of slaughter and the BLM round ups are antithetical to our principles AND pocketbook. In light of that fact, I think we must educate these people so that they will understand that this is bad for the country in many ways.


    1. I find what is written about the Tea Party confusing, so glad to see your comments. However, you are right. Just because the philosophy is there does not mean action will follow, unless we help educate them on what needs doing to save America’s horses from degradation and destruction of slaughter and roundups.


  2. Thank You Todd for the rainbow this morning !!! We must all push to get HR503 and SB727 passed as soon as possible , also real important get the ROAM Act of 1971 restored …………


  3. It was a great election outcome for the Country and the Constitution but as you wrote Vivian the Horse Friends stay about the same. Thou I can add a few pluses.

    The new governor of Wyoming Mr. Mead, according to information I have found, is anti-slaughter and in support of S. 1579 as well as H.R. 503 and S. 727. So he should be a great equalizer for evil “slaughterhouse” Sue.

    The new KY Senator Rand Paul has expressed his intentions to be in support of S. 1579 and S 727 but with some reservations. Like Mr. Paul I too am a Constitutionalists and he worries that these Bills will increase the size of government, of course something We The People just voted against. But unlike Mr. Paul who has not read these Bills yet I do not foresee these Bills increasing the size at all. In fact I see them decreasing the size becasue everything is in place for the enforcement of these Bills and with the outlawing of the BLM round-ups, when S. 1579 is passed, the BLM’s budget will be cut significantly. Once Mr. Paul, who has been around horses all his life, gets settled in office time will be available for him to read, research and eventually support this Bills. I of course will be reminding him constantly to do so. Once I hear I will let you know.

    Of course the elections were great for the Country it does add more work for us Horses Advocates as we will now need to turn extra attention to the new incoming Congressional members introducing them to the Horses’ fight. Let’s hope and pray that the incoming members will have the knowledge, foresight and heart to finally get these Bills passed and stop the injustice and mistreatment of our beloved horses.


  4. been trying for over a year already !!! as you can see nothing yet !!!!! But when it happens the horses and you will know immediately !!!!!


    1. One of us needs to win the lottery. Then we could buy all the politicians we wanted to save the horses from degradation and destruction.


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