Six months for Nevada wild horse killers

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RENO, Nev. (Nov 3, 2010) — A federal judge ordered prison time for two men who admitted to using wild horses as target practice but sought leniency Wednesday, telling them that “drunken and boneheaded is not an excuse” for the crime.

“I keep thinking about it, and I keep coming back to the senselessness of it,” said U.S. Magistrate Judge Robert McQuaid Jr., who rejected defense lawyers’ plea for probation and sentenced Joshua Keathley and Todd Davis to six months each in prison.

“The federal prosecutor’s fight for a stiffer sentence is a red flag to those who see Nevada as their own private shooting range,” said activist Terri Farley, Reno-area author of the popular “Phantom Stallion” series of children’s books. “Six months in prison is pale punishment for robbing wild horses of their freedom forever, but these two may think before pulling the trigger again.”

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7 thoughts on “Six months for Nevada wild horse killers”

  1. Having seen too many people abuse or kill or torture animals and get off or pay a small fine…jail time of any kind seems pretty good. NOT! Of course the judge did not impose a stiff enough sentence…but at least he imposed one of some sort. Too many times the cruelty laws and the system fail completely to punish those who do horrible things to animals. And the BLM get to do it constantly and seemingly with impunity. How absolutely wrong is that??!!??


  2. Six months is just a slap on the wrist. I bet these 2 heartless idiots will be let out earlier on good behavior.


  3. Yes, BLM does it every roundup – over and over and nothing happens to them. They hog tie a foal and “forget” him and he dies right there. Nope, nothing happens to BLM when they should be fired, and the who group forced to help save the wild horses for the rest of thier lives. These two guys deserved more than 6 months, but when BLM gets away with it, what can you do???


  4. I have always said if I were the Judge the punishment would fit the Crime, these two would be working with horses for a long time ,(of course under strict supervision), by the time I was finished with them, they both would be the Biggest horse lovers…. Horses rehabilitate people like nothing else ever tried…………… Why dont these Judges see that !!!


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