Elko Commission opposes Pickens wild horse sanctuary

Is it really the cattle ranchers and water rights, or simply the BLM’s politically motivated agenda that is destroying what’s left of America’s Mustangs? And why a “non-breeding sanctuary?”

No matter what the plans, or what the arguments, it all accomplishes the same end. The greed, lies, deceit and government corruption surrounding the cruel and tragic annihilation of our wild horses and burros is an American abomination.

It doesn’t take much imagination to see what the destruction of these living, breathing icons of American spirit and freedom represents of this nation as a whole. Is there no one with the power who will stop the rot?

Excerpts cross-posted from the Houston Chronicle via the Associated Press

ELKO, Nev. (Nov 5, 2010) — The Elko County Commission has taken a stand against a proposed wild horse sanctuary in northeast Nevada, partly out of concern that further protection of the mustangs could lead to cutbacks on livestock grazing on federal land.

Madeleine Pickens, the wife of Texas billionaire T. Boone Pickens, bought a 14,000-acre ranch in Elko County last month and wants to turn it into a sanctuary called “Mustang Monument.”

She told the commissioners this week it’s the perfect place for such a project, among Nevada’s high desert rangeland and snowcapped mountains. She pictures it turning into a vacation destination for families, with covered wagon rides, campfires, storytellers and ecological activities.

Pickens, founder of the Saving America’s Mustangs foundation, said she has already spent several million dollars developing a business plan when she could have left that money to her daughter.

If the proposal is approved by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, the sanctuary would be home to 1,000 mustangs initially and would be a non-breeding sanctuary.

Elko County has no legal jurisdiction, but Commissioner Demar Dahl said he fears it could lead to the conversion of more cattle ranches to horse sanctuaries at the expense of future cattle ranchers. He said he wanted to go on the record against it and the panel agreed on a 3-1 vote.

Commissioner Warren Russell said he fears Pickens will try to buy additional water rights for the ranch.
“We’re very, very touchy with our water in Elko County,” he said.

Pickens said she has no interest in buying water rights.

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2 thoughts on “Elko Commission opposes Pickens wild horse sanctuary”

  1. just a thought…
    Well at least blacktop you could collect more water run-off and use it….

    Point is, the Commissioners don’t have the “Right” to stop her. But, as much as this place wouldn’t do the wild horses justice because it makes her another welfare rancher. Cattlemen gone bad do business with the BLM for a living instead of working for one. Pickens will have to fence off that 540,000 acres land to hold these and to do that she will need written permission from the U. S. Army Corp of Engineers and other Federal agency, EPA etc… in order to fence off public lands from the public. Even after that’s all done she now has to pay the BLM leasee fees for the land. So lets figure this out, she wants a 1,000 wild horses @$500.00 a piece, $500,000.00 they pay her, if the AUM’s for that area are 40 acres with 540,000 acres at $1.35 on the lease equals $18,225 she pays the BLM each year, so already $481,775.00 she’ll get from the BLM. The she will use a contraceptive on the horses so that they never reproduce technically genocide the wild horses. Even zoos manage to reproduce the almost extinct. With literally hundreds of areas the wild horses come from making them as different as New York, Los Angeles to Houston this will wipe out the distinct evolution of wild horses and there attributes to our heritage.

    Hay at $100. per ton depending on the time of year purchased, 1000 horses at 30 pounds per day equals 15 tons per day, or 5,475 tons at $100.00 per ton equal $547,500.00 per year giving 30 pounds per day. Horses need minimum .025 – .030 , 25 -30 pounds per 1000 pound of body weight. Not ever knowing the true price of hay, she is already $65,725 in the hole, not including the ranch purchase or fencing or facility to build for the wild horses. This price is for summer buys and winter purchase you can add $20. – $45. Per ton price. BLM will try and break her that’s their standard. Doesn’t always work because the BLM runs into people who can financially stand up to them. Makes a person think. Hays cost $547,500.00 summer, $821,250.00 winter just for hay.

    Pickens will not be able to claim a non-profit status when the BLM is essentially paying her. This will take another wild horse person out of the running and now be controlled by the BLM, hook, line and sinker. If she is allowed to keep her IRS tax status then every rancher that has a holding contract with the BLM will be able to file for the same rights making every wild horse facility in the country then technically all non-profit organizations. Making the BLM the biggest government agency doing business as non-profits.

    This will then lead to all contracts now having to be reopen up for bid for wild horses immediately changing the contracts to a totally different status.

    If you can’t see where all this is leading then you might as well let the BLM finish killing all the wild horses. Wild Horse Zoos across the Midwest. They made a movie already about this called, The Planet of the Apes, get it. People became extinct because of greed and ignorance.

    The difference is that Pickens wants water rights and land to put windgens on, buy 14,000 or 12,500 acre ranch gain 540,000 of federal land by lease and in Nevada where they already have oil and gas issues and Pickens now will have to put up power lines to move that windgens power she/he will produce. Bt the way, in every state imminent domain for power transfer lines are not negotiable.

    Wild Horses are being used as a pawn for profit; they will kill them by one means or another. Profit is to gain the land for rights, water, and wind turbines either way wild horses are being used to gain access to the land.


  2. (please excuse the odd lack of question marks…my keyboard has issues)
    If someone, anyone, buys land, say a cattle ranch, legally, at a price and to the satisfaction of the seller and buyer…whose business is it if the land becomes a sanctury for horses. Should cattlemen then sell only to cattlemen? Would there be opposition if the land were used to raise Quarter horses? Or Clydesdales. Or Finn Dorset sheep. As long as the land is not being used for something illegal or dangerous or detrimental to the environment, such as paving all of it, why should the owners receive opposition just because they do not raise cattle. And as for water rights…if they are available and she can pay…how can anyone say you can only buy rights if it is for cows. It seems to be a case of `mustang prejudice` rearing its head.


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