BLM to begin new wild horse roundups in Northern Nevada

Cross-posted from the Reno-Gazette Journal


(Nov. 16, 2010) — Federal land managers this week are scheduled to begin the first of three wild horse roundups aimed at reducing the number of mustangs in Northern Nevada.

The Bureau of Land Management on Wednesday plans to gather and remove about 94 “excess” wild horses from a site south of the Lahontan State Recreation Area in Lyon County, about 35 miles east of Carson City.

“We think there are up to about 150 horses in that (Lahontan) area, and there’s supposed to be about 10,” said Mark Struble, BLM spokesman in Carson City. “We don’t always know an exact number. In that area, the horses are often down under the trees along the river and can’t be seen (from airborne surveys).”

The gather is expected to be completed in two to three days. It’s part of an effort to remove up to 12,000 mustangs from the West this year.

The agency said there are too many horses on the range, and the herds must be culled to ensure ecological balance and forage for the remaining horses, wildlife and privately owned cattle. Wild horse advocates said the BLM exaggerates the number of animals and harms the genetic viability of herds by indiscriminately removing animals. Read full story >>

I was surprised to see this article. I didn’t realize there were any wild horses left in Nevada to round up. -Ed.

4 thoughts on “BLM to begin new wild horse roundups in Northern Nevada”

  1. Why not just tell people to feed their cattle on their own land not public land? That’s an absurd practice and it should stop. The wild horses belong there, someone trying to make a buck selling beef does not.


  2. As an adopter of a once wild horse captured by BLM from the Saltwells, Wyoming area, I agree that he (and *thousands of other un adopted horses) should have been allowed to run free.

    He has a deep scar in his neck, possibly caused from a kick or impalement in a frantic flee attempt during capture, crowded incarceration or transport. At around 7 years old, his opposite shoulder and leg began to make an audible arthritic cracking noise every time his leg was lifted for foot care or trimming; which involved layers of natural resistance free horsemanship training steps over time to achieve.

    You cannot capture wild and untamed animals of any kind with the current methods used with wild horses and burros; without guaranteeing injury and trauma, due to the very nature of the methods used and the animals’ instinctual reactions .

    My horse Piute, is also a revolving adoption horse in that the first adopted home did not last. The truth is there are many “revolving adoption” BLM wild horses for several reasons. While the experience of knowing and working with this extraordinary horse has been a combination of boundless patience and persistence on my part; and joy and reward of unexplained forgiveness and willingness on his part, clearly he would have been better off had he been untouched by man. His intelligence, hardiness, strength and genetics are all well suited for living in the wild and being part of the circle of life in the wild. Whether generations of his ancestors are considered technically wild or “feral”, it matters not for he is simply *not like my domesticated horses. He is of a different fabric.

    This massive effort by BLM to systematically eliminate animals like him, and wild herds from their natural lawful habitats in our American landscape is a gross, disrespectful misjudgment and an American tragedy.

    The non permanent reproduction control method *Native PZP is and has been an option that should be explored for the remaining wild equids at this juncture. Otherwise, the captures will continue and they would be unnecessary with better wildlife husbandry. A similar model has been used by the Park Service on wildlife such as deer, where there were also population concerns; so that a balance of food and water could be maintained. Since BLM contends those are their legitimate reasons for the roundups, perhaps they should follow suit with the Park Service model, and apply reproduction control with Native PZP within our remaining wild horse herds moving forward.


  3. This is Totally Insane!! So, I need some help here….Who exactly are we supposed to contact to help the innocent ones?? I am feeling very angry right now, as no one in our government is really listening or hearing our voices……….. Please give me your thoughts and opinions as to how to help……..UGH!!!!!


  4. The really sad part about this, in addition to the obvious, is that the BLM/government in a most unsuccessful attempt no less, is blinding us with science, if I can steal that phrase from a popular song.

    There are always the ecological studies about overpopulation whether it be bears, moose, deer and now horses. Well, the real tragedy is that the human population and their zealous quest for innovation/”destroy the world tactics” that have created the nasty consequence of habitat fragmentation for community- and population-level diversity when it comes to the balance of nature and it’s most treasured and beautiful creations – the animals.

    This situation with the wild horses is no different in many ways apart from the fact the government is simply eliminating the process of fragmentation before it begins. What a travesty.

    As humans evolve and advance, they have continued to use nature to their advantage but unfortunately do not include ways to sustain the lives that depend upon it. It seems as though we forge ahead without thought or concern in search for what really?

    Mass extinction is underway with the destruction of Earth’s ecosystem. We are simply hastening the progress to Armageddon. A welcome change for Mother Earth, indeed.


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