Man saves wild horse, then his eyesight

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(Selected excerpts)

MANHATTAN, Kan. (AP) — November 22, 2010

“Levi wasn’t supposed to come home,” Miller said. “But knowing he was blind and hoping it was reversible, I couldn’t be a hypocrite and turn him back and get another one. The whole idea was to save a horse. I can’t put one down and save another one. I played the hand we were dealt.”

Levi is the horse rescued by Jay Miller, a Tonganoxie man who first encountered Levi while offering to train the horse for an Extreme Mustang Makeover show sponsored by the Bureau of Land Management. The idea is for trainers to make wild horses more adoptable in a 90-day period.

After a fundraising effort generated all but $600 of the projected $7,500 needed for eye surgery, Levi was sent to Manhattan to remove the sight-stealing cataracts, which block light from reaching the retina to form an image.

“Following the surgery, he actually looked my way when I started talking,” Miller said. “His ears were perked, and he was watching me. Mustangs have the most personality of all horses. They want to know everything.

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2 thoughts on “Man saves wild horse, then his eyesight”

  1. What a great story, and a wonderful trainer to be so compassionate towards the Beautiful Mustang, what a awesome caretaker he is , just like in the plan… It these kind of people who make the world a lovely place to be…………….


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