Let horse racing die says Katie of Baltimore

Katie of Baltimore expressed the following opinion on the Baltimore Sun:

I attended the Preakness many times when I was younger, but I won’t mourn the death of Maryland horse racing one bit now that I realized how inhumane horse racing is (“Preakness at risk,” Nov. 30). People often accuse Orioles players of steroid use, and sometimes rightfully so, but racetracks are virtual crack houses compared to baseball fields. Horses are given drugs, both legal and illegal, to mask pain and injuries and make them run faster. Many horses are forced to race on hard surfaces and suffer from chronic foot problems as a result.

Remember Big Brown? The horses are whipped mercilessly and pushed beyond their limits until they collapse on the track. Remember Barbaro and Eight Belles? Horses who can no longer race, especially those who aren’t well known, are quietly shipped to slaughter. And we’re supposed to cheer for this and fight to keep it going?

Katie Moore, Baltimore

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How true Katie. The racing industry is managing it to extinction, so you probably won’t have long to wait. ~Jade

1 thought on “Let horse racing die says Katie of Baltimore”

  1. By nature, the breathtaking speed and beauty of horses racing can still one’s heart.

    Unfortunately, the current status of the racing industry is no longer driven by the love of horses, but rather purely and simply the love of money. It is exactly that, an industry.

    For the most part race horses are commodities, expensive to purchase and expensive to maintain. When the maintenance costs exceed the return on investment, they are considered a financial liability and are discarded accordingly, many of which end up in the slaughter pipeline to whet the appetites of sicko connoisseurs in foreign countries.

    If the industry can’t clean itself up then perhaps it really is time to kill it. The scope of the evil inherent in it is vast and possibly, if not definitely, beyond retribution. But who will be responsible for either of these options? Certainly not those who are intricately occupied with profitability over accountability.

    Time and again it is exploitation of animals by human manipulation and oppression. Isn’t it time to appreciate what we have in these beings who share and play an integral part in our existence and quality of life?

    The purity of a person’s heart can be quickly measured by how they regard animals. Where do those who continue to torture these magnificant creatures belong in our midst, I ask?


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