Headliners show upcoming Summit nothing more than a Slaughter Convention

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Horse Slaughter Poster by Vivian J Grant
Horse Slaughter Summit headliners include organizer Sue Wallis and bloodthirsty compadres Bob Abbey, Trent Loos and Charlie Stenholm.

(Dec. 3, 2010) — Event organizer Sue Wallis, a vocal proponent of sending America’s wild horses to slaughter, has announced that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Chief Bob Abbey is a confirmed speaker at her organization’s upcoming Summit of the Horse.

The event’s Master of Ceremonies, Trent Loos, has proposed solving the mustang issue by making America’s wild horse a big game animal and the published list of speakers is a virtual who’s who of horse slaughter proponents, including lobbyists, slaughter auctioneers, horse breeders, fake welfare front organizations and even a few convicts.

Abbey has come under criticism in the past year for a greatly accelerated program of removing wild horses and burros from public land. As the number of horses the BLM is holding increases and budgets tighten, a crisis is inevitable. In 2009 it was discovered that the BLM was considering sending mustangs to slaughter, igniting a firestorm of controversy. Abbey’s participation in this event will certainly add fuel to that fire.

When a slaughter ban was being considered in Illinois, Loos promised to bring a truck load of “unwanted horses” to the capitol steps. In the event, he showed up with a large supply of toy stick horses which he passed out to visiting school children. The bill passed despite this demonstration, eventually closing the last slaughter plant in the US.

Other scheduled participants are Dave Catoor and Bill desBarres of the Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada (HWAC) who will be giving the “international perspective”.

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