Can rewilding horses help stop global warming?

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According to Russian scientist Sergey Zimov, reintroducing wild horses to the icy Siberian landscape where they once roamed in droves, will begin to repair the ecological damage brought about by global warming.

A Forbes article elaborates on Zimov’s theory to fill the vast barren lands of Siberia with grass-eating animals in the hope that it will eventually slow global warming. “Some people have a small garden. I have an ice age park,” says Zimov.

According to The Rewilding Institute, “Rewilding is the scientific argument for restoring big wilderness based on the regulatory roles of large predators.” The objective of rewilding Siberia with wild horses is, “To see whether a thriving population of grazing animals will regenerate grasslands that disappeared long ago, which would slow and even halt the accelerating pace of permafrost thaw.”

The article states that the results are encouraging.

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