CNN Justice airing four part series on destruction of America’s wild horses

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CNN Justice is doing a four-part series on the destruction of America’s wild horses.

The series will kick off tomorrow, Sunday, December 5, 2010, with the first part focusing on the Walker Lake herd in Nevada.

The series will air, I’m told, at 5:45 p.m. or 6 p.m. in Miami, Florida. In California, that would be 2:45 or 3:00 p.m. I wish I had more details than this, but please check your local stations. I just want to get this email out so people know to start looking for this. My Facebook page will have details if and when there are more to be had.

This is one of the venues for whom I have provided some video footage. I hope and trust it is used in context and that the series accurately portrays the plight and treacherous times faced by our fast-disappearing national treasure, the wild horses and burros. I hope you will tune in.

Please tell your friends, colleagues, and neighbors to tune in. Americans generally have no idea what is happening to our wild horses. Virtually everyone who learns of these things wants to help make certain that their grandchildren will still be able to see wild horses running free. Help the horses by making their stories known.

For the wild horses, captive and free, and their humble burro friends,

Elyse Gardner
Humane Advocate Observer

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6 thoughts on “CNN Justice airing four part series on destruction of America’s wild horses”

  1. I filmed the first showing from CNN airing on Dec 5th, I uploaded it on YouTube if you didn”t catch it. I didn’t see anything that said that it would be a four part series on the subject. It was on P.S.T. in Ca. at 2:45 CNN Justice airing four part series on destruction of America’s wild horses.
    Same old, Same old crap the BLM keeps feeding the public., making the horse look like a nuances, how about a cautiong sign instead of a cow in the picture you put horses. Give the horses back there land that they are being squeezed out of. So we can put 5 times as many cowa and a fence around the area to keep the horses out. I looked up the video I uploaded it is under

    Please dont forget about r horses during the holidays perfect storm to get rid of them


  2. Not too impressed so far. I felt the opposing team got more coverage. She got to spout of legitimate reasons in a list repeatedly, the pro horse guy only got one brief segment. I know darn well they can find more pro horse people to talk too with good legitimate counters to the situation.

    Also there is this:
    interesting bit of data, which suggests that the horses are being blamed for crossing the highway, when in fact they only cross the highway because someone with clout is illegally growing alfalfa there on unfenced property.
    Maybe they just didn’t have enough time, but I don’t think the coverage can be complete in such a tiny 7 minutes or less a week they apparently plan on giving it.


    1. What I saw was like the last few minutes of the 6 PM show. Based on the predicted air date I thought I’d missed it! It was a miracle I found it at all.


  3. Please know I will forward this to all I can….any more info I can get too. This is important…I only hope it is unbiased, good journalism and acccurately portrays what is happening…because without embellishment or bias to any siide…the situation for horses and burros is dire and everyone needs to know.


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