Zenyatta receives warm welcome in Kentucky

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Zenyatta is greeted by throngs of on lookers at Keeneland. Photo courtesy of Keeneland/Matt Anderson.
Zenyatta is greeted by throngs of on lookers at Keeneland. Photo courtesy of Keeneland/Matt Anderson.

Lexington, KY (Dec 7, 2010) — An enthusiastic crowd of over 1,000 packed Keeneland’s outdoor sales pavilion in the frigid chill of Monday night to greet champion Thoroughbred (“Queen”) Zenyatta upon her arrival to Lexington.

The 6-year-old mare was met with camera flashes and media swarms worthy of human royalty. Zenyatta’s retirement was announced weeks ago, much to the disappointment of the thousands of fans she has accumulated worldwide in her three-year career. She left her home base in California earlier on Monday for a move to Lane’s End Farm in Woodford County, where she will begin a new career as a broodmare.

Nick Nicholson, president of Keeneland, greeted owners Jerry and Ann Moss with a gift basket full of Zenyatta’s favorite treats, including carrots, pears and Guinness beer, which she is famous for sipping before races.

Zenyatta needed little introduction to her legion of adoring fans, but both Mosses briefly thanked the crowd for their presence in the 16-degree cold. Read full report >>

Hangin’ with Haskin on Zenyatta

Beloved Bloodhorse blogger Steve Haskin writes on the void left in the lives of Zenyatta’s adoring fans:

For many of us, horses are a way of life. It is not something that was forced upon us. We have chosen to allow these magnificent creatures to infiltrate our very being and touch our souls in a way that bonds us to them – yes, at rare times spiritually. The foundation between humans and horses was built centuries ago. Whether it is a racehorse, a riding horse, a show horse, or any horse that becomes a part of our life, there is always going to be that rare one who comes along and enters some hallowed sphere deep within us.

Link to full post >>

Love or hate horse racing, it is difficult to imagine life without great stars like Zenyatta who are such tremendous ambassadors for all horses. ~Jade

2 thoughts on “Zenyatta receives warm welcome in Kentucky”

  1. Once this poor horse can no longer produce foals she will be shipped off to be brutally butchered. Let this horse retire and live her life.


  2. It worries me that this magnificent horse will now become a broodmare and for the rest of her life – pregnant each and every year – physically tortured! And for what? Simply to add to the thousands of excess horses that find their way to the slaughter pipeline. There is no guarantee that she will produce that prodigy foal and with the generations of inbreeding horses are plainly becoming more fragile. One need only look at all of the catastrophic breakdowns at the track, many of which are obscured from public scrutiny.

    Sadly, the truth is that stallions and broodmares live anything but a normal life. Isolated, foals weaned too early, lack of social contact, forced impregnation, the list goes on.

    Horse racing is exhilarating but there is dire need for massive reform within the industry both from a racing and breeding perspective. Until someone or some governing body steps in to clean up the so-called “King of Sports” these poor creatures will continue to suffer at the hands of the demon greed.


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