Main target of slaughter summit now wild horses

Rumors are that Interior Secretary Ken Salazar will attend the Summit of the Horse in Las Vegas together with what advocates call the “Who’s Who” of horse slaughter.

This was reported hot on the heels of the revelation that Bob Abbey, who is the Director of the Bureau of Land Management (the DOI agency responsible for the Wild Horse & Burro Program), will be a keynote speaker.

Before Abbey and Salazar got involved, attendees and speakers were mainly comprised of individuals working to return horse slaughter to U.S. soil for the butchering of domestic horses to feed people in state institutions, such as prison inmates, the elderly and mentally challenged, to start with at least.

However, the focus of the horse slaughter convention has taken an even grislier turn and now has America’s wild horses in its deadly glare.

The Associated Press reports via The Seattle Times:

    Groups seek solution to too many wild horses

    Representatives from Indian tribes, federal agencies and other groups plan to meet next week in Las Vegas to discuss what to do about too many wild horses in the West.

    Wyoming legislator Sue Wallis is a member of United Horsemen, a nonprofit group organizing the meeting. She tells The Seattle Times that she favors developing a plant where horses can be slaughtered for human consumption. She says that’s a humane solution to the problem of thousands of wild horses overgrazing and destroying rangeland.

    That idea, however, faces strong opposition. The U.S. horse slaughter industry was shut down in 2007 by animal-rights activists. Since then, tribes and range managers say, the number of horses has grown to thousands more than the land can support.

We found the article in the San Francisco Chronicle here:

Also on the agenda is how to get around the legal restrictions at the federal level which essentially prohibits the export of horsemeat for human consumption. Just about every ounce of horsemeat was exported for human consumption prior to the closure of horse slaughter plants in the US in 2007. This is where the real money is, as horsemeat is considered a delicacy overseas and sells for a high price.

Throughout 2009 and 2010, numerous legislators searched for loopholes in the law interfering with horsemeat export for overseas diners. The foreign owners of horse slaughter plants are suspected of seeding American politicians’ pockets with huge cash incentives to accomplish it, although nothing has yet been proved.

24 thoughts on “Main target of slaughter summit now wild horses”

  1. The Horses and the children are always made to suffer by the inability of Agencies to perform any of the duties assigned to them, because of the greed within………This will all stop only when the American people make it stop…………………. But first The American People need to be aware that it exists……………………………….


  2. It appears that BLM cannot afford to take care of the horses and yet the government does not put restrictions on the breeders but they encourage the breeders to breed them. It sounds a lot like our welfare system. There are parents that have children and have no intention of taking personal responsibility for the children. The government takes care of them and continues to encourage them to have more children by uping the benefits $$$. Maybe the government would like to sell off some of the children or send them off to Mexico or Canada.


  3. I have said this over and over again, if the day comes when a wild mustang is killed in a slaughter house, that will be the day the american people loose there taste for beef. not just western beef but all beeeeeeef, Ranchers in the east and south are you listening.


  4. What! There are hardly any wild horses left on the range. The BLM has seen to this with an unprecedented number of brutal roundups last year. Anyone with knowledge, researching the *facts, knows the cattle ruin the land and ecosystem. And it all goes back to the Number 1 man, Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar. He has explicitly stated “wild horses do not belong on public lands.” Why? Why was this rancher with self-interest, with no regard for wildlife nor marine life nor the ecosystem appointed head of the DOI??? Do away with wild horses, wolves, bison, polar bears… He should have gotten the boot after the Gulf Oil “spill.” He is the one accountable. Politics. Politics. The DOI is the MOST corrupt political branch with no goals of changing. Regardless, let pro-slaughter up the ante. Anti-slaughter is used to it and can and will follow suit. We Will-Not-Stop! Grassroot movements have historically shown to have great power. They fight the Right…Justice. And with all the illegal, corruptive maneuvering and manipulation by the DOI/pro-slaughter, never before has there been such a mass of organizations, factions, working together for the horses. It is obvious the other side feels the pressure, big time!!!


  5. Cathrine I agree with you !!!!, The Government has lost its soul !!!! This is an extremely sad state of affairs here !!!!! I dont know if you have seen the Galahad Video, But proof positive, The Mustangs and all horses much like us have a strong family units, To watch this video is wonderful, how after not seeing his mare and foal the reunion, With out their having the use of voice , they recognized each other just as we would have under the same circumstances, they mirror us in almost every sense !!!! I am now thinking that they have taught us much more then we realize, With ALL due respect for cows and other Livestock animals, can you imagine the Horror of Slaughter is for our horses, I would have to say that its very much like if it were us……….. This practice must be eliminated immediately for these beautiful wonderful mirror images of ourselves………..Our President must without delay stop this barbaric treatment of them, either that or we must demand that he do so………………… I cannot believe that anyone in any branch of Government can be so absolutely gutless to stop it also………….Greed is a totally cowardly excuse for the barbaric treatment of any animal…… much less an excuse for Slaughter…………………AQHA is another greedy soulless assoc… they are probably the worst of all of them, over breeding is on their shoulders the most because they of all should have a great respect for horses, yet the breed so many and only choose the Best of everything to keep,The Sooner all others are discarded like yesterdays newspaper…….. They need to get a grip on themselves …………….., the sooner they do the Better…………………if not they must be forced to approach with respect ………………………………………… All of this is a self inflicted greed problem………….by our government and AQHA…………………… that crates the bulk of the horrors that are put on our innocent horses…After all is nothing sacred here………….


  6. The fact that Americans allow their government and others to abuse our horses tells me that we, as a nation, have lost our soul. The rescued equines I share my life with have much more intelligence, courage, integrity and loyalty than most humans. What a sad state of affairs we find ourselves in. God help us.


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