The PMU Industry: 2010 Year in Review

Even then, moving the location of PMU farms will not prevent the marketing and sale of equine-based HRT in North America, it will simply remove the stigma associated with it; out of mind, out of sight. With fewer or no PMU facilities in North America (specifically Canada) together with the clandestine diversion of the farms to foreign countries, Pfizer can continue to justify inflated pricing by reason of supply and demand. Sadly, the mares and foals will still suffer, likely even more so owing to the animal welfare customs that prevail in these countries; they just won’t be North American horses. How vile and gluttonous of Pfizer.

The Drugs

Premarin® to the rescue.

In line with the wealth of deceptive tactics up their sleeve, hormone replacement therapy made a comeback in a New York Times magazine article called “The Estrogen Dilemma”.

One of the authors, Cynthia Gorney, spun a poignant tale about a psycho-socio-hormonal-spiritual breakdown that led her to hormone discipleship in midlife. Turns out that Gorney’s “sources” were the Wyeth funded Roberta Diaz Brinton, Thomas Clarkson-who worked with the Wyeth ghostwriting firm, DesignWrite-and Louann Brizendine and Claudio N. Soares who have served as actual paid Wyeth speakers.

Then there was Aprela®.

Despite the tainted history of the Premarin® family of drugs and their acknowledged contribution to a plethora of cancers and other life-threatening diseases in women who trustingly relied upon it for the relief of menopausal symptoms, Pfizer shamelessly continues to promote the use of conjugated equine estrogens (CEEs) in their forthcoming release of Aprela®.

Disguised as an osteoporosis drug, Aprela® is a combination of CEEs and bazedoxifene (BZA) – a SERM (selective estrogen receptor modulator) – a prescription to alleviate the symptoms of menopause as well as increase bone mass density (BMD) without causing stimulation of breast and uterine tissues – the ideal solution? At least that is the conjecture.

Unlike Europe and Japan, approval of the SERM BZA by the FDA has not been without issues.

In August this year the EU, with Japan closely following suit, approved the use of BZA, otherwise known as Viviant® and Conbriza®, for the treatment of post-menopausal osteoporosis. It is only a matter of time before Aprela® will be available in these regions of the world.

Meanwhile, to Pfizer/Wyeth’s dismay, in North America the endorsement of Viviant® by the FDA has been postponed repeatedly due to complications of stroke and venous thrombotic events. Accordingly the delay to approval for Viviant® has had a significant unexpected effect for Aprela®. Initially, the NDA (New Drug Application) filing timeline for Aprela® was the second half of 2008; currently this has been pushed out to 2011 or later however even this agenda is questionable given the issues associated with Viviant®.

Moreover, with the US FDA withdrawal of the NDA for Fablyn®, a SERM for the treatment of both osteoporosis and selected consequences of menopause, things are not looking favorable for the giant drug manufacturer in the North American market. Fablyn® was rejected by the FDA due to elevated risks of uterine cancer as well as combined fatalities from all types of cancer and strokes. In contrast, Fablyn® received approval from the European Commission in February 2009.

We know CEEs are NOT safe and it appears the same for SERMs. Why then does Pfizer continue to promote these in favor of safer alternatives? I believe the answer is clear.

Coincidentally, the slaughter of horses and consumption of the tainted meat is commonplace in both the EU and Japan where it is considered a delicacy. Together with the relocation of the PMU farms away from North America a sinister picture of Pfizer’s agenda becomes apparent.

Profits – Keep Them Coming

Expendable Flyer re Premarin and Prempro
Expendable Flyer re Premarin and Prempro

One can rest assured that Pfizer will continue this year to promote the Premarin® family of drugs as well as the arrival of Aprela®.

Pfizer Q4 2009 earnings from Biopharmaceutical were $14.6 billion, an increase of 30% compared with $11.2 billion in the year-ago quarter.

Operationally, revenues increased $2.9 billion, or 26%, of which $2.5 billion, or 22%, was attributable to legacy Wyeth products, primarily Premarin® in the Primary Care unit.

What’s more, Pfizer/Wyeth’s projected sales for their HRT therapies (Premarin®, Aprela®) to exceed one billion USD by 2015.

This momentum is in total disregard to both the horses and women who will continue to endure abuse at the mercy of corporate Pfizer.

Conventional equine based HRT has been increasingly linked to more and more complications from its use – all life threatening with potential death sentences to those who chose to take it to relieve symptoms of menopause. In addition to increased incidences of breast, uterine and lung cancer, cardiac disease, pulmonary embolisms, blood clots, asthma, malignant melanoma, reduced insulin resistance, and Alzheimer’s, among other disorders, recent data has shown that those who take this toxic potion are now at a 29% increased risk in ovarian cancer.

It still boggles the mind that the Feds and Pfizer persist in turning a blind eye to the continued use of known carcinogens while it is recognized there are safer and more humane alternatives available. Clearly they have assembled a careful and ominous plan without regard to life. No shame or remorse. Sins against the welfare of humans and animals alike continue to be rampant in the industry!

The Future?

What will become of the PMU industry in 2011 and beyond?

As time progresses and the industry slowly fades in North America, it is ever clear that it will not simply go away. It is unmistakable that there is no greater hope of influencing Pfizer’s agenda than it was for Wyeth when it comes to the use of CEEs in HRT; more insidiously they endeavor to hide it from our sight rather than ethically address the issues. Money at all costs – another day, another dollar.

PMU issues now transcend North America and we must act globally to eradicate this abhorrent industry to protect both horses and women alike. The movement of PMU farms away from NA and the expanded marketing of CEE-based HRT in emerging economies present a more formidable task for horse advocates than when concentrated in a central NA location where horse slaughter is condemned as barbaric. Cultural, political and legal disparities in these developing countries compared to our own will no doubt impede the efforts and milestones achieved to date.

“The ancient Romans had a tradition: whenever one of their engineers constructed an arch, as the capstone was hoisted into place, the engineer assumed accountability for his work in the most profound way possible: he stood under the arch.”

~ Michael Armstrong

Where is Pfizer?


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7 thoughts on “The PMU Industry: 2010 Year in Review”

    1. To answer all of your questions:

      1. Probably, along with all the unborn foals. Disgusting industry.
      2. Yes, those horses in foreign countries will suffer a lot more than the NA mares and there is a market for horse meat, especially foals. And if you will; equate that to veal, yet another horrible industry.
      3. There is a wealth of alternatives. So yes.

      Cruelty must be whitewashed by a moral excuse, and pretense of reluctance. ~George Bernard Shaw


    2. Puller – just about anything would be (less expensive) in terms of money spent & lives destroyed – mares and women alike.
      I am of an age where all my friends & I have gone through or are going through the Change. While some of the physical manifestations are a mystery (I hope to ask the Creator, respectfully, um, why???) none of us has experienced anything that would justify poisoning ourselves to get over it. All of us – some smokers, some carnivores, some overweight and with other health issues not related to the Change – have healthy hearts and lungs, marginal cholesteral issues and we are a happy, happy crew (that cry at a moment’s notice, but what the heck?).
      We can’t possibly be the only women out there NOT dying from the symptoms of menopause.
      Dry skin? Moisturizer.
      Bone loss? Calcium supplements.
      Night sweats? Air conditioner.
      Emotional instability? Understanding husbands, who may have been previous victims of PMS. And daily thiamine supplements.
      And a host of low-cost, old-school pulled-from-the-Earth goodies not recognized by the Powers that Be as ‘therapeutics’ (that, in itself, is the best reason to utilize herbals and such).
      My mother-in-law, the Wise Sage matriarch in her healthy 70’s, with tips and advice, paving the way with her experiences. Everyone should have an old person in their armory; their therapies are not to be missed.
      And my friends and I, we tell our daughters, hopefully putting a big fat ding in pharmaceutical profits. And maybe, one more mare and her infant are spared.


  1. So all of those PMU mares and foals will go directly to Canadian slaughterhouses with the bottom falling out of the market?


  2. So true, Lisa. Where on earth did men get the idea they could do this to females, human and equine alike? And who can stop them? We’ve allowed them to take control of government, companies, nations … and corruption follows in their wake. Unthinking and unfeeling laws are allowing our planet and the living things on it to be destroyed.


  3. I have to wonder – if captive Stallion urine were synthesized into a hormone replacement therapy for male menopause such as erectile dysfunction, to curb baldness, osteoporosis, macular degeneration AND fellas knew of it’s origins AND the unfortunate side affects were testicular cancer, prostate cancer, peripheral artery disease, breast cancer, arteriosclerotic heart disease, deep vein thrombosis – would suspending production of a noxious potion like that even BE an issue for consumer & producer alike.
    The short answer: HELL no.
    BLAST these morally-bereft fools for treating the women on my planet like lab experiments and for the unmitigated cruelty perpetuated in the pursuit of the almighty buck – and, further, for convincing women that a simple & natural biological process is a terminal illness.
    (Arghh, swear, swear, sputtersputtersputter…)


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