George Knapp reports on horse slaughter convention

A convention of pro horse slaughter groups and individuals are meeting this week in Las Vegas.

Initial press coverage was benign, as the organizers said the theme of the Summit of the Horse, as it is called, is how to handle the surplus horse population in a humane and beneficial fashion.

Notwithstanding the organizers, the guest list alone alerted horse lovers to what the real agenda was. The Final Solution: Horse Slaughter.

The general press are now beginning to report this actuality.

George Knapp is the #1 journalist reporting how the federal government is managing our wild horses and burros to extinction.

Visit this link to view George Knapp’s elucidating video report for KLAS-TV 8 News NOW on the horse slaughter convention underway right now in Las Vegas.

Knapp does a better job than we could ever do. Let the images and words speak for themselves.

Quick Sidenote: Speaking at the horse slaughter convention, BLM Director Bob Abbey stated that he does not support slaughter of wild horses and burros. Maybe personally or publicly he does not, but the fact that wild horses and burros continue to be slaughtered puts a big question mark beside that statement.

1 thought on “George Knapp reports on horse slaughter convention”

  1. This is the kind of information the public needs to know, superb reporting by George Knapp and Simone , Huge Kudos to them !!! and everyone who has worked diligently and feverishly for our Wild Mustangs The Media is where its at !!!!! This is long anticipated and needed exposure that is desperately needed !!! I am so happy, i feel now the Public will be getting all info , they can process and research all to find out the truth and act on it !!!!!!!!!! The Message is DONT mess with The Wild Mustangs !!!!!! Bye Bye BLM


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