Van full of horse meat leads to Florida arrest

Reuters reports:

MIAMI — A man whose bloody fingerprints were found on a van full of horse meat was arrested on Wednesday, the latest in the Miami area to be charged in connection with black-market butchering of horses for human consumption.

Juan Martinez-Gonzalez, 44, was charged with improper disposal of dead animals and creating a sanitary nuisance, Miami-Dade police said.

Investigators traced him through the fingerprints left on the blood-smeared white van, found in May when a homeowner reported seeing a suspicious vehicle.

Police found two coolers full of horse meat and a bag of horse legs inside the vehicle and arrested its owner and a passenger on loitering and prowling charges.

Police were trying to link the meat to a horse carcass found elsewhere and the investigation is ongoing.


1 thought on “Van full of horse meat leads to Florida arrest”

  1. This one made my stomach turn, where do these people come from , and do they walk among us free to do this horror and the horses are imprisoned in there innocence something very wrong and extremely scarey about this scenario , !!!! Yikes , scares me , We all need security systems…………………….


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