Antelope Roundup: Mare Collapses after Helicopter Stampede

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    The BLM and its contractors have gone on record lately to vehemently protest the characterization of their wild horse roundups as “stampedes,” with BLM spokesman Tom Gorey going so far as to tell Horseback Magazine’s Steve Long that the use of the word is nothing more than “anti-BLM propaganda.”

    But the latest footage from the Antelope Complex roundup, which began on January 23rd in Nevada’s Great Basin, belies that notion. A graphic videotape recorded yesterday captured not only the steam escaping from the sweat-drenched bodies of the wild horses as they flee the terror of the threatening helicopter above, but also the utter exhaustion of an older mare whose legs gave out when, after being pushed by the pilot for untold miles, she simply could run no more.

    Again and again, the mare attempted to stand, to no avail. When finally, after many minutes, she was able to get back on her feet, and stagger off, still rubber-legged, the helicopter swooped right back in and started buzzing her all over again, coming perilously close to actually sideswiping her. Deniz Bolbol was there, and she described the horrifying scene for the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign.
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9 thoughts on “Antelope Roundup: Mare Collapses after Helicopter Stampede”

  1. That is the problem. They don’t even answer to God! No one has any control over this Agency of our Government. What ever happened to “Government for the People and By the People.” That obviously is not in thier vocabulary. They are out of control, breaking the law and no one can do anything about it. Apparently our President has turned a deaf ear to the People of this country. Granted he has a lot on his plate, but this is an urgent issue that is annihalating our Treasured Wild Horses by his Government Agency. All we can do is keep calling, leaving messages, sending e-mails, registered letters that require a signature (so they can’t claim “lost in the mail.”
    These should be directed at State Representatives, Federal Representatives and the President – all branches of government. Can’t say that it will help, but I feel we must at the very least try, try and try again.


  2. I am sure this is only one of the many many tragedies involved with a needless round up by people of the BLM, the real tragedy is we cannot seem to get this stopped ……. With all of our Videos , all of our photos and documented proof , we cannot as of yet , put a stop and an end to the Criminal Assaults on what America considers to be be Our Icons, Our Symbols of Freedom more then 70 0/0 of America feels this way for them, there is something definitely wrong with our Government when our President turns a deaf ear to this fact………………………………… I think at this point with all the road blocks the BLM and other officials keep throwing in our way , what we need to do is have a fund that we set up to take donations , we will use to buy all of them and turn them loose on the Ranges that belong to them……………….. Now I know this could work all each American would need to contribute to this fund is a Small $ 5.00 I am not good at the schematics of this venture , but i know it will work !!!!!! We could call it the FREEDOM FUND……………………….( We also could purchase Ranges for them ) Hey I am sure it will work Ive done the Math…………. It is a simple theory, destined to work !!!!!! It may be the only chance we have to save them , of course we need the Media Big Time also……………………….


  3. I too am doing everything I can to help save the Mustangs. We all end up with the same answers IF we even get that. I may try a different rout this time.
    Since Congressman Dan Burton showed an interest in our Mustangs, maybe we can send him the information we have & he can go from there with it.
    If anyone has actual copies of the roundups They should send that footage instead of depending on youtube. I know people that think youtube videos are made up jokes besides the fact that they take so long to watch & can be hard to get to or are removed.


  4. MEDIA MEDIA SHOW THIS ON CNN ! I am so sick of the BLM and its anti american criminal Assaults on Our Mustangs, There agenda is murderous, they are on a mission, and need to be put in there place !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My heart BLEEDS for the MUSTANGS, these are brutal, and in the Name of Common decency they got to stop this !!!!!


  5. Again, call it propaganda???? Here is the visable proof right for the whole world to see. It is just heartbreaking to see. Our President and respresentatives need to be made to watch every one of these videos and see every picture to open their eyes and thier hearts. These are unnecessary, inhumane and just plain cruel as well as horrific. The BLM must be stopped. They are breaking the Law (The Wild and Free Roaming Horse and Burro Act that has been in place since 1971 specifically to protect these beautiful treasures of the the and provide them with thier home ( the land the BLM and ranchers want to graze more cattle on). Each of these roundups costs millions of dollars and the contractor (Catoor) is becoming a millionaire on the back of these horses and the taxpayers (you are paying for this absurdity)! The horses are NOT STARVING OR SICK! They are healthy and have plenty of food and water. But they must round up 50,000 wild horses so they can lease the land to the ranchers at mere pennies on the dollar and put millions of cattle on the same land for ranchers profit. Again your taxes go towards letting the cattle graze on the land.

    BLM even refuses to let Madeline Pickens set up her sanctuary for some of the Wild Horses to preserve their Bloodlines. She bought two million acre ranches for this sanctuary and yet they say it isn’t “feasable” and will not save the taxpayer money. By the time the BLM does these multi million dollar round ups, disposes of the dead mares, aborted foals, horses with broken legs and yes, foals and colts with their hooves run completely off to the quick, and then trucks them to an out of state olding pen in packed trailers with out food or water for hundreds of miles and then “stores” them in pens until they are 1) dead or 2) adopted (knowing full well that most will not be adopted because there aren’t enough people out there today who can afford to pay for the adoption and feed them and give them medical care).

    This is just hypocrisy at its worst? It breaks my heart. I can barely watch the videos without tears rolling down my face. I have seen these beautiful, wonderful horses and borros in their natural habitat on their own land with thier families and it is just horrific to see them treated so inhumanely and cruely. I have spent many hours writing, e-mailing, and calling my congressman and senators. I get zero response to letters, leave a message when calling which I do, and the standard garbage, condescending form e-mail letters back that they are doing every thing they can. Well they are not doing anything!!!!!!! But that won’t stop me or the thousands of horse and burro advocate out there from continuing our fight to save our Western Heritage from greedy ranchers and others who just want all the Wild Horses and Burro’s gone. BLM is not managing the Horses or the Land, they are systematicly anihilating them.




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