OSPCA Fails Another Horse – This Time with Tragic Consequences (via CHDC Blog)

Please read this tragic story, and take action, wherever you live.

OSPCA Fails Another Horse - This Time with Tragic Consequences  The blind mare surely knew that her friend was close by as she sank her bony frame to the ground for the final time.  For months in late 2010 they had tried to survive the creeping starvation by eating anything they could – tree trunks, posts and walls in the shed – whatever they could find that was remotely edible.   [caption id="attachment_1 … Read More

via Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog

6 thoughts on “OSPCA Fails Another Horse – This Time with Tragic Consequences (via CHDC Blog)”

  1. I would like to add that as we watch bills in the U.S. threatening shelters with criminal charges if they do not take in and deal with any horse or horses presented to them…we have to remind ourselves that animal welfare organizations are under threat from all sides these days…more and more neglect and abuse, more dumping of unwanted animals, more surrenders, more and more animals all the time needing help and sanctuary, the economy making it tougher to raise funds to keep shelters operating, no oversight to make sure shelters are humane and doing a good job, because some of them do not. We have to perhaps try and fix what is wrong with the OSPCA and with the Animal Welfare laws in Canada and have some oversight that shelters and rescues and people who call themselves those things are really helping and humane…at least the OSPCA does have standards of care in their facilities…and the front line shelter workers bear the brunt of what our society is doing to animals…and it isn’t good. I am not ever going to defend what happened to these horses…the OSPCA should have been there first thing and removed the animals and charged the owner…but I am not ready to give up on an organization that contains the people I work with …some of the best folks you could find. I would like to see a better organization and a better attitude in our society..too many of whom still think of animals as disposable. I deal with some of those animals every day. They deserve much better from all of us.


  2. There are a lot of things going on here…the OSPCA Affiliates do not operate under the same rules as the actual branches of the Society..that may have something to do with it..it may have something to do with the terrible management at some of the Affiliates, where infighting and power struggles seem to take precedence over the welfare of the animals…it may have something to do with lack of better animal welfare laws…it may have to do with lack of training and it may have to do with how frantically busy the agents are dealing with the mounds of paperwork that accompany every case they deal with. That being said…there is no excuse for something like this happening and I am sickened and saddened by it. I will not however throw out the baby with the bathwater and stop supporting an organization that does do a lot of good. I live in Ontario, I have been on the board of an OSPCA Affiliate and I now volunteer and foster for an OSPCA branch. There are a lot of good, hardworking, compassionate, passionate people on the staff and among the volunteers…there may be issues in top management and with the cruelty agents and officers…but the people I work with do their damndest everyday to make life better where they can for a lot of animals. I will be calling and emailing about this issue, of course I will, it should never happen…I will support the petition…but putting an organization under provincial oversight does not mean it will ever be perfect and as very little government money finds its way into the coffers of the shelters, who run on donations and adoption fees…I think it would only be fair to give a little back to a constantly struggling organization by putting the Cruelty Investigations under provincial oversight and perhaps selling licence plates and giving the money to the shelters, or parking fees, anything at all towards helping the animal shelters themselves have more of the means to deal with the constant influx of unwanted animals.


  3. It is sad to say that this happens all over the world. The “owners” should be ashamed of themselves. I am happy that one horse survived, but at the loss of the companion horse. So heartbreaking.


    1. How can people go about their lives and sleep in their beds at night knowing this is happening in their own backyards, not caring one iota about the excruciating suffering? Children, animals, the poor, and more women than one might imagine, exploited in horrific ways, by man.


  4. I read this in horror and am ashamed to be a resident of Canada.

    I have on occasion donated to this cause but you will never see me send them so much as a penny again.

    Despicable individuals.


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