Horror of wild horse roundups comes into focus

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    Bad things are happening to the wild horses who are being chased and run ragged during the Antelope Complex roundup currently being conducted by the BLM in Nevada’s Great Basin. And now, thanks to photojournalist advocates Laura Leigh and Deniz Bolbol, the horror is beginning to come into better focus.

    Yesterday, while scouting out the ever-moving site where the BLM sets up its traps, Ms. Leigh managed to capture some shocking photographs of the Sun J helicopter pilot mercilessly pursuing a single wild horse by virtually enveloping it within the skids of his chopper, seemingly just inches from the horse’s head. The cruelty inflicted on this horse would be a prosecutable offense if it were perpetrated by an ordinary citizen, but apparently because it was done under government auspices, it’s considered to be above the law.

    Sun J rebuffed concerted efforts by Brooke Boone of News 4 in Reno to question them after their pilot literally ran an older mare into the ground last week. But, according to Ms. Boone’s story entitled, Is BLM Responsible for Animal Cruelty, “Sun J and the BLM may have to answer questions from the White Pines County Sheriff’s Office. They’re investigating if the helicopter pilot broke state law by either ‘overdriving’ or ‘overloading’ the horses.”

The BLM have admitted that three horses have died during this roundup, although the details of two have not been released.


5 thoughts on “Horror of wild horse roundups comes into focus”

  1. The Sun J incident has gone International, France has commented already today !!!! They are in disbelief about the whole entire Round ups and find the BLM s Round ups Disgusting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Where are Sun J contractors located? Phone or e-mail or mailing address?? It needs to be public now since they are contracting from the BLM.


  3. Wasn’t it Ghandi who said a nation is judged on how it treats it’s animals? The way the horses (and other animals) proves that our country is failing. The BLM should be held accountable on their cruelty, it will not happen. The BLM gets away with what would be several counts of felony animal cruelty. The BLM keeps hoping that if they keep telling people their lies that they will be believed. Hopefully more people question and demand the round ups stop and the horses returned to their rightful homes.


  4. These helicopter pilots and the Company are heartless disgusting low life human beings, this type of rounding up of horses has to be stop and these people who call themselves pilots need to be held in Criminal accounting for their far lack of knowledge ,who and what in hell ……….. they do it this way because they are getting off on chasing innocent defenseless Horses………. killing them , terrorizing them, they are nothing but a bunch of useless cowards……………This kind of low life stupidity must be stopped ……………………


    1. They are as brutal, if not more so, than the Cattoors. Where do they find these people? And our taxpayer dollars are paying for these atrocities. Why don’t the BLM fire them and halt this roundup?


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