Clydesdales horses are on Anheuser-Busch’s Super Bowl commercial roster

The Norwalk Reflector reports:

    The Budweiser Clydesdales have a confirmed spot in Anheuser-Busch’s lineup of Super Bowl television commercials, one year after the brewer’s decision to bench the familiar horses during the big game led to a public uproar and an embarrassing corporate reversal.

    The horses will appear in a 60-second Budweiser commercial — a spot so good, apparently, that Anheuser-Busch teased it with two 15-second commercials that aired during last weekend’s NFL conference championship games.

    “It’s about extending the window” and gaining more attention for a fleeting, but expensive commercial, said Anheuser-Busch President Dave Peacock. Read more >>

We voted this as our favorite Clydesdale Anheuser-Busch Super Bowl commercial. It is from 2006.

About the Breed

The Clydesdale horse breed is best known for his size, over 18 hands, about six-feet and the feather above the hooves. This long hair covering their ankles makes this breed easily recognizable and it is thought the feather was developed during the first breedings with the Fleming and English Breeds. This feather, a thick mane and heavy coat helped the breed survive in the Scottish climate.

Intelligent eyes peer from the Clydesdale horse breed’s large head with small ears a deep chest and heavy bone structure in the shoulders. Growing to over 2,000 pounds and having a high wither; this large beast is also known for its grace. With a seemingly eager gait, this horse always presents a positive attitude as it raises it feet cleanly from the ground before continuing with a long stride.

From their use as warhorses in the 17th century to their work in advertising today, the Clydesdale horse breed has undergone powerful changes. In Clydesdale, Scotland, now known as Lanarkshire, the animal was named for the town where it was used as a draft horse on area farms. Believed to have a history of over 300 years, the strong yet amiable animal was used in farming as well as pulling heavy loads in rural settings, as well as in urban and industrial areas.

Written and researched by Cindy Thomas
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7 thoughts on “Clydesdales horses are on Anheuser-Busch’s Super Bowl commercial roster”

  1. Thier advertising executive have taken a wrong turn somewhere. Thier Clydesdale ads have endeared millions of people across the country and the world to thier horses and to thier beer. The Budwiser commercial during the Superbowl was good but not nearly up to the caliber with the horses that we normally see. They need to bring back thier old advertising with the Horses and Dogs and leave well enough alone. These ads were the main reason I watched the commercials. What a let down!


  2. I hope they never stop running the Clydesdale Ads in the Super Bowl since that is the only reason I watch.


  3. Last nites Super Bowl Anhueser Bush commercials I thought were not really up to their usual standard??? I was very Disappointed……………………


    1. The ad had the famous horses in a split second cameo, instead of making an ad wholly about the Clydesdales. How stupid are these advertising execs? How many ads do people actually look forward to and watch over and over again, long after the super bowl? Last year they wanted to do away with a Clydesdale ad at all and had to backtrack and do one anyway. We aren’t the only ones disappointed. Comments on FB —


  4. Maybe Anheuser-Busch advertiser/commercial artists would be interested in doing a commercial supporting their distant cousins the wild horses. Some horses just want to run free!
    I’d drink to that!


  5. I am a horse advocate and love horses. I have seen where the Budwiser Horses live and play and how they are taken care of. I have also seen them in parades along with the Dalmation Dogs. They are treated like Kings with the best of food and vet care. They are beautiful animals and are an American Ikon. I love all the Bud commercials with the horses. Every Bud Commercial produced has been outstanding. Bud should never ever consider not using them in commercials. They are a symbol of love for all animals.

    Hope you all got to see the one (which was not actually a commercial) that Bud produced after 9/11. It was tasteful and showed the feeling of all Americans during that dark time.

    During my younger years I had a horse which I showed in jumping and he was a wonderul sweet gelding, smart enough to open the latch on the half door from the stable to the paddock so he could run after me while I mucked his stall and took it to the manure pile. Horses are very intelligent and have feeling just like other animals.

    Go Budwiser – Go Steelers!


    1. I agree Elizabeth. The Clydesdales are spectacular and they are treated as horses should be.

      I have a picture of myself with one of them looking intently into my eyes that I cherish. It was so fun to have that moment.


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