Run Run Little Mustang

Grey Beard Bandit at Horseman's Park Las Vegas
Bill Wakefield (left) and Grey Beard Bandit debuting the live performance of 'Wild Horses Need Our Voices' at the most successful wild horse rally of 2010 in Horseman's Park, Las Vegas. The band is putting the finishing touches on their new song 'Run Run Little Mustang' for release in March.

Grey Beard Bandit, the Las Vegas based country rock band who gave America’s wild horses their first call to action anthem with “Wild Horses Need Our Voices”, is in the studio putting the finishing touches on a brand new song dedicated to raising even more awareness.

Written and composed by Bill Wakefield, the song is called, “Run Run Little Mustang”.

Exclusive! Click the play button below to hear an excerpt.

Grey Beard Bandit will be launching “Run Run Little Mustang” in March. Stay tuned for the song’s official release date when it will be available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon MP3.

Following the live debut “Wild Horses Need Our Voices” by Grey Beard Bandit at a rally in Las Vegas last year, the song has been played on more than 800 stations, not just in North America, but around the world in countries such as Japan, Argentina, India and more.

Help promote “Wild Horses Need Our Voices” by purchasing the song today. The more purchases, the more attention it will get, moving it further into the mainstream and increase airplay. See links in the banner on the sidebar.

Buy the song. Join the cause.

3 thoughts on “Run Run Little Mustang”

  1. Very good song but I’m one who would prefer a War Song for that is what is has been and will be …..


  2. Wow !!!!! I am so excited !!!!!! i cant wait !!!!! it sounds awesome !!!!!!! This is what we need a Song for the Wild Mustangs exclusive.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Grey Beard Band is awesome, I am sure the words in the song will get the word out for Our Wild Mustangs and Bill Wakefield is the man to do it and sing it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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